Sunday, December 25, 2011

As the year ends many things will change

The end of 2011 will close out an important chapter in my life. I will enter 2012 meeting the desires of my heart by doing. I will take that long overdue trip to Paris to do some soul searching. I will spend the year writing the 2 books waiting to be birthed that are on the inside of me.

As I observed the women in my book, I answered one important question, why do women stay in abusive relationships so long? It is simple abusers are more loyal than anyone the victim has to rely on. So be loyal (something we have lost along the way as a people) if you really want to help someone find their way.

So may God Bless You All because it's been awesome sharing my journey and leaving my children with a piece of me publicly. It will certainly help me stay grounded, humble and filled with love and understanding. I am hoping that in all my transparency, I have touched at least one life and helped some better understand my mother's journey as well as my own.

Last but not least it was amazing celebrating the gifts that God has blessed my life with, our family without a doubt outweighed any gift we could receive. My son Mikey bought me a treasure box and my husband filled it with treasures and love as well as my beautiful daughter and handsome sons. The gifts were so priceless because there was so much thought in the process, it was just amazing how well they know my heart and how God blessed me with loved one's who met every need. Thanks Sister, neice and nephew for the beautiful gifts and know I appreciate you more than you know. Be Blessed!

Love Always,

signing off in 2011........

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thank you to the children for giving back

I just wanted to say thank you to my children for giving back to their community this year. I was very happy you all have the heart to serve. I watched as you entered my job at Samaritans Purse and you left happy and excited to do more for the children overseas........ you seemed even more excited this year. I watched you as you left for the Salvation Army with Dad to decorate for the families and even your time spent photographing for me for articles and never expecting anything in return. Some how making the cookies for the homeless stood out the most in my mind. As I drove and saw people on benches my heart continues to ache and it makes me realize how much work we have to do in this world.

So I am proud to call you all my children and I pray God opens up more opportunities for you to serve your fellow man across the globe in Jesus name! I hope this helps us all realize how important it is to give your time and your love more than anything else.

Excited about Christmas!

Christmas is one of my family favorites. We get time away from worldly things and time alone with each other. My daughter just finished an awesome Gingerbread house. The children are excited about Sunday, this day they get their gifts from the Lord as I see it for without Christ people would not feel so generous. I love the holiday because for one day people truly imitate the King whether they are Christian or not. They choose to think of others, they sacrifice, they choose to take time to love one another.

It is the one day of the year "the Christ" seems to come out of people, so no matter what people think of Christ they have to admit he has touched their lives even this day. We have people running around just being kind. It is just an amazing time of the year. May we learn to walk in love the rest of the year as well. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A BLESSED NEW YEAR!!!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our Savior, the ultimate King we celebrate you

Our savior, our ultimate King.
We lift our voices to you and sing.
It appeared to be such a great loss.
The way you sacrificed your life on the cross.
Yet you left us here to be victorious.
It's amazing the way you laid down your life for us.
Yet today we find it hard to love one another.
By your example I lay down my life for my sisters and brothers.
The King shall surely rise again.
My only hope is that we are all ready and caught without sin.
At this time let's celebrate the greatest name, the name unlike any other name.
It's Jesus, Jesus oh praise His name and know that you'll never be the same!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I was a poor black kid and Gene Marks is right to some degree

As a poor black kid, I was taught to absorb everything. I walk into a building and I usually know everything that will be happening that is posted. My mother often stated "Do as I do" because "do I say, not as I do" simply does not work. As a mom who worked very hard her entire life on this earth, I started out with the same traits. I began working at the age of 14. I worked 2 jobs as I got older.I worked my way through college at Seton Hall University starting as a Business Manager of The Biblical Theology Bulletin. I then moved to the south when I became pregnant and worked as a Credit Analyst and Teller for First Union.

However, mom also exposed us as children to other things. She faithfully had me watching Oprah, reading Susan Taylor's articles and exposing us to other successful people and wanted me to know what success was. She said "I do what I do so you won't have to." She worked at the hospital and had us volunteer there on weekends and sit with the patients. We never saw her sleeping around or having men in our home in a disrespectful manner. However, she married twice and she stayed in abusive marriages.

Life started off great until I chose to dabble in adult things as a young lady. I got pregnant and then I married. I still obtained my BA and went on to be a court reporter which was the closest to what I wanted to be and still raise my family. The point is we can work hard and do all the "right things" but our social exposures can still play a vital part in our decision making. I have often been told by successful people to leave my husband because he can not take me to where I want to go basically. Yet my mom showed me love is more important than money. I could have compromised myself to achieve success but at the end of the day...... I have to live with myself. I have to know the consequences of my actions effect more than just me. I also know that what I needed more than anything was my father and I would never do anything to jeopardize my daughters relationship with her father. My husband does more staying by my side than the richest man can do with his success.

Most would say I did better than my mom, yet I still did not fully achieve what I set out to do yet. There is generational building that takes place in life. Of course success comes easy to Mr. Marks because that is what he has been exposed to and he is building from generational successes. He is right we can get our children into private schools and I have gotten my daughter into one. My hope is that she will be exposed to more than I can give her. I want her to have a strong foundation by learning what she needs spiritually most importantly and academically. She is achieving with a 3.75 GPA.

However, it is very expensive even with her scholarship. The fact is it is not as easy as following those formulas. For if it was all of my children would be in private school and I would be off obtaining my JD. However, I know I can not leave my children to the streets or to the care of strangers. My mother died in 2005 and my sister works very hard. Therefore, there are few people we depend on to care for our children.

I often teach my children repeatedly.... "do not get in a hurry to be an adult." Enjoy your college years and your road to success and then have your family. Yet I know I was one who got off track. Therefore, I can pray that they will choose a different path and I do all I can to guide them but the reality is they are seeing life happen before them.

As a result of societal influence and statistics, I home school 3 of my 4 African American sons so that they will not be subject to become anyone's statistic. I teach them to be independent learners because that is what I was taught to be. I expose them to other teachers with proven track records and lectures. However, not everybody has the opportunity to do that. I was blessed with a husband who works three jobs to help that take place. However, it is not easy as the article conveys. They watch their father lose his job, not always due to his own error or his race but his upbringing as well. He is resilient and he bounces back but the reality is my sons see his struggle as an African American man in America. My hope is they will own their own businesses and not have to rely on the mercy of others to give them a job.

The point is Mr. Marks is definitely giving us the proper solution that education and hard work are key. However, the social issues that exist are still a contributing factor. He can afford Sylvan if he needs it, most of the children he is referring to can not afford dinner tonight. So yes we should take heed to the resources Mr. Marks is providing and absorb everything he is sharing but we also have to examine how we can change things so there are less poor black kids in America who have to struggle period.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thanks to My Mothers in Christ

To all the strong Mother's who have touched my life....

No drugs, no alcohol, no habits to soothe my pain.

It's your strength that inspires me to remain.

Your example, teaches me to remain no matter what the fight.

It has taught me to walk by faith not by sight.

My heart is to never hurt anyone and to endure what I must.

To live a life of peace and avoid all the fuss.

Never wanted baby Momma drama that is one reason I stayed.

Always wanted one love...... one marriage that is what I prayed.

It was the job loss that I wanted to evade.

The pain of it will one day fade.

Despite it all I love each and everyone of you for having the heart to love me.

Sending my hugs and love through this poetry which helps me be free.

My Testimony....God is so faithful

As I shared changes have occurred but God. As my husband began to tackle some financial mountains the lord touched the hearts of his people. The answer was no charge. I am very grateful for the many blessings that God has blessed us with this year. Harry Belafonte is my greatest inspiration for my desire to be a philanthropist and I am grateful for all the silent blessings in our lives. You both always show generosity and kindness to my family and it will never be forgotten.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Many Obstacles

In my husbands search for a business truck he has faced numerous obstacles. As usual the hurdles have increased but knowing God is able is what truly keeps me going. He has learned of the obstacles of obtaining his business license in this particular area and how it increases.Unexpected job changes, they all seem to rise when good things are trying to happen.

I just know that with God All Things are possible and when he enters the right door his solution will be waiting for him. Continuously in prayer.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

There's no sense in being if we can't be right

As I go day to day, I have tried my best to be the best child of God that I can be. If that means or meant shutting down all communication and cutting off everybody to get my house in order then that is what I must do. I can not live my life desiring to be the person God created me to be with the constatnt obstacles that have presented themselves. I certainly can not live in two worlds. I have tried my best to follow Godly counsel and step back and allow things to be in order.

However, sometimes the disorder will eventually have to be put in order. As I have spent time in the emergency room battling with my health. I realized there is only so much any one person can take. So moving forward I will do what God has put in my heart and just live my life until I can live the life God has designed for me.In essence I have decided to let go and let God but be sensible in the process. Continue to keep me in prayer saints for I know God is definitely Able!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Giving God the Absolute Glory

I wanted to wait to discuss Thanksgiving as we need to be thankful at all times. We enjoyed the presence of family coming together and it was amazing to see how the children had grown and how they appreciated seeing one another. I love it when people come together and can appreciate one another's absence at anytime because it makes you realize how precious life is and how it can change at any moment. I truly appreciated the celebrations of life for rap artist Heavy D. I believe it further helped people realize life is not promised and that we should cherish those we love or even take for granted.

I thoroughly enjoyed observing others this holiday season and it certainly gave me a greater appreciation. The celebration for me simply was not about food. As I ended the holiday my prayer to God was simply have your way Lord. I want to be in His total will. So as I grieve the loss of things and people, I celebrate the new life and new things He has given to us as we watch old things pass away and all things becoming new. Thanking and praising the Almighty God for new life and new beginnings!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The importance of family

As I woke up this morning reflecting on what is important. I thought about this month and how I gave my home schooled child Lynwood a career assessment. He answered one question to my surprise. The question was: if there was one adult he could be like who would it be and why? He responded "I want to be like my Mom because she is so kind to everyone." I you never really know what children are thinking of you. He is a child of little words but always thinking.

My baby is 9 years old and so intelligent and just an absolute joy to raise and teach. I am always impressed by how he wakes up and is ready. He brushes his teeth etc. and is ready to be where he needs to with little to no prompting from me. He is rare and what I call easy to raise as my Mom use to say about me. She would say "she never gives me any trouble she just does what she is suppose to." ......very similar to my daughter as well.

I always think about Proverbs and how it says one day your children will rise up and call you blessed. That is such a motivation in pouring all of me into my family. There is nothing on this earth that I can take with me except my family and therefore, my priority is always my family. I am just very grateful that God has blessed me with such a wonderful and caring family above all else. For they are worth far more than rubies or gold.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Grateful to God for a continuous hedge of protection

I am excited because without the trial, how would you know you passed the test? Last week my children and family were under trial and my car under repair. I turned to my son and said "Are you praying before you leave this house? I had sensed he was becoming complacent, his first year in college and priorities can tend to change for some. He is my oldest and he had his first accident.

His moped went in one direction and he went in the other. The light turned red and stopped the flow of traffic right on time and he walked away without a broken bone and so I give God the absolute glory. I imagined how much could have occurred and I was elated he was so protected.

I was having chest pains on and off. Then my baby 9 year old Mikey woke up with his heart racing and he was rushed to the emergency room. They ran all the x-rays and tests and found he just had a mysterious encounter. I would have been in such a panic years ago but I simply prayed and turned it over to the Lord and just knew God would give him a good report.

When raising children there will always be something going on but I am so grateful to God that He is always surrounding them with his goodness and a continuous hedge of protection.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sandusky..monsters only exist because we let them

My silence has been peaceful. However, in the current Sandusky scandal, I have decided to speak. I am irritated by everyone's shock. We live in a society governed by laws. We carried on during the Eddie Long trial and my response was until we change the laws and protect children we need to look deeper. We should know the fact that the homosexual agenda in this country is far deeper than the Long trial. The laws are manipulated so predators such as Sandusky (the elite and powerful) and other perverts can harm or rape children. It is historical and the homosexual agenda in this country is all a part of breaking down the value of a man or boy.

It is heart breaking and my heart goes out to the parents because we all know when some thing is wrong and we try to protect our children the best we can. I advised I removed my children from public school for various reasons but specifically from one location because they were being surrounded by perversion and what I saw as predators, it just was not worth learning a language to place them in that environment. Also being taught homosexuality just happens, everything we do is a decision. As we were taught as children, you only HAVE to stay the color you were born and die and everything else is a decision.

For a grown man to even shower with an 8 year old and admit it on television shows we have become a desensitized society. I only hope that like in other countries we realize that sometimes we have to be harsher as the Bible says if a member of the body causes an offense it is better to "remove it." In other countries they remove the part of the body that has committed the crime. It is time that in our law we make stronger consequences for harming children. Even prisoners seem to have better sense than our law makers.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


My first encounter with Entertainment Books was in 2005 for my son's public school. We raised a ton of money. Here we are today starting off our own fundraiser to expose the children to more opportunity. As I learn to train my older boys to mentor my younger boys, it has been awesome watching my older boys come up with lesson plans and just giving back. I was raised to see a problem and find a solution.

Therefore, as a mom of 4 African American males I realized it is my duty to be the change I want to see. I have spent the last year customizing their education and believing God for the greatest possible outcome. Please support our efforts to partner with places like Discovery Place, UNCC and other organizations as we take the children to Global levels and show the enemy that with God All Things Are Possible and that race will not define their altitude but that creating bonds that can not be broken and having a Christ centered education will make all the difference in the world.

The ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS will save you tons of money and help you donate to the greatest gift in EDUCATION....we will close our sale December 10, 2011

OUR CODE IS 1073172



Totally enjoyed my handsome prince turning 15 yesterday. We granted his humble wish to simply spend time with his family and best friends. He only wanted to enjoy his party at his favorite spot CiCi's pizza. We absolutely enjoyed each others presence and the opportunity to celebrate family. Some people never get it but he has it at 15 that there is nothing more valuable that makes you rich than your family. Blessings.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Congratulations Taylor!

I am just excited for my daughter and her great success entering Middle School. She totally finished STRONG this quarter strong with a 3.75 GPA to be specific-). Thanks for making Mommy smile all week long! Your hard work is paying off...Love Mom

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Don't miss out on a great opportunity to learn to start your own Nonproft organization. Susan Woods truly gave of herself and taught line by line today. If you attended the workshop you left confident that you could send in your application and she answered your questions from the heart. There was no charge for the seminar and the only fee was the workbook for $30.00. What an absolute blessing as someone shared she was recently out of work and would not have otherwise been able to attend.

Susan Woods willingly and openly shared her experiences and there was such a genuine desire to see others succeed. Please check out the link below and register for your chance to get started on your new 501 (3)(c). Next week Saturday begins the grant writing workshop and opens new opportunities.

For further information CLICK HERE.

Friday, October 14, 2011


MATTHEW 25:31 “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. 32 All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.
34 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. 35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

37 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42 For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43 I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’

44 “They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’

45 “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’

46 “Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”



According to Matthew 25:31 “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. 32 All the nations will be gathered before him, and HE will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. 33 He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

There are too many trying to play God. It is God who will separate. Jesus came to save the lost, the sick and the hurting and I will not participate in anything that goes against the word. LET GOD BE GOD!

They questioned Jesus for walking in love and they hated Martin Luther King, Jr. as well. Since I am no where near Jesus or Dr. King in stature or word I certainly don't expect you to love me for this message. However, the message stands the same....... LET GOD BE GOD!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

If you hear from God you don't need spies

"There are spies in the land" Just a word of advise. You will get some crazy responses and a person that does not exist when you keep sending spies. I am an open book. Simply ask me.... I am always willing to answer. If you are hearing from God you don't need man to bring you information.

I openly allowed you to hear what I was listening to so there would be no question. I openly confess my sins, my heartaches and triumphs. I am truly an open book. We all have our short falls. So when you send people to sneak around to find information I will gladly give you an earful.

Change is good

I am not one to adapt to change easily, so as I prayed God "send the right people into my life." I have met those people with some resistance. I have been angry that people that should know better don't act like it. I have refused some of the change because when one is comfortable and used to certain people, places etc it becomes difficult to embrace change. However, I have learned to let go of people who do not belong in my life slowly but surely. People whose purpose is to silence you. People who bring controversy no matter how much you try to avoid it. People who you know you must let go of but you hold on until they do the unbelievable.

I had to ask a new friend why some things were even happening and she stated it plain it is spiritual warfare and although "we know that" .....we tend to still want to say but they should know better. Realizing we should all know better has been the humbling experience of all of this. So know my time of silence is just time to sort through all that is happening in my life good or bad. God is in control and has blessed each controversial moment with good.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I am just amazed at the goodness of God

I went on my interview yesterday and I had no idea the blessing it would become. Not only did the interviewer minister to me and how I must take care of me. I went in for a basic position and she offered me the lead. I have not decided on it as yet. However, it never ceases to amaze me how God is always thinking much greater than me. I also inquired about a course for my son and I had planned on having him start in January as my plans for him had changed. The college he was to attend has amended their policy to accept 14 year olds as a cutback.

However, like only God would he was offered a scholarship. God was just moving in the super natural in so many ways yesterday. I just have to Give God the Absolute Glory for how wonderful he is! You know it is God when you don't even have to ask! I am just grateful for the goodness of the Lord and the awesome vessels he uses to bless my life.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ideas are Blessings by Tyrese

Tyrese has been featured in this article encouraging the youth about realizing their ideas are a Blessing from God. It takes a great person to not only talk about changing the world but to see this artist out there doing it is amazing! As you all know he was also booted off a radio interview for addressing a liquor store next to the school that he stated should be shut down. Sometimes if you remove the root of the problem you can heal a community. Thanks for being a foot soldier in the earth for our youth.

Ideas Are Blessings

Tyrese Against Liquor Stores Booted Off Radio Show

A Heart that Forgives No Matter What

I saw this posted by a friend on Facebook and I thought Lord this is my heart to have a heart that forgives:


Demias Jimerson triggers the “Madre Hill” rule

The parents of 6th grader Demias Jimerson have obviously raised a warrior for God. I am amazed and standing in total admiration of his response which is "God first, grades second." It is more than crystal clear as the anchor stated "that this young man has his priorities in order." He is obviously being removed from the game because he has dispelled the myth of who should be superior. He is showing there are no limits in Christ and color truly does not matter.

He so kindly let them know football is just one of my many talents and you have not seen anything yet. He identified God as his priority, so they can take this school year but with God on his side his accomplishments are yet to be seen. I would love to see his report card and his parents should definitely write a book on parenting, his village is definitely at work and the fruits of their labor are evident.

Take a look at the official news report from Fox 16 News below:

Beautiful Wedding Song by Tyrese and Brandy

Introducing Tyrese's new wedding song featuring Brandy "The Rest of Our Lives" Tyrese states:

"This is a wedding song that was written for the 'First Dance" where

the husband is speaking blessings into his wife's life and she's doing

the same in the second verse" We were long overdue for a new classic

wedding song embrace and enjoy"..

Tyrese Gibson..

So check out his new love song where Tyrese and Brandy's vocals totally compliment each other, this is an awesome tribute to celebrating love and marriage! Love the subtle promotion of forgiveness and staying in love.


Friday, September 30, 2011

Thankful that my firstborn turned 18 today

Today has been an awesome day in my journey. My first born child turns 18 today. I could not be more excited for my son. In all that we have experienced, I must say he is by far a true blessing. He has been a true gift from God. Our children can go through but when I look at the overall outcome, I just have to give God the absolute Glory that he has kept us and made you...... my son the awesome man that he has created you to be.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The church is the one place you should feel celebrated

With all the craziness in the world the church is the one place you should go and feel celebrated. The phrase was "go where you are celebrated and not tolerated." When I saw that phrase it pulled me back into reality and helped me see man in the situation I was facing.

I thought about the prodigal son and how God demonstrated his love for the returning son and how loving the Father was. That's the God I was introduced to as a child and the God I want to remember,(not "the God standing in the corner with the baseball bat") so today I remind you to make people feel celebrated not tolerated. Man is definitely not our source. Do WWJD let's not just "talk about a love walk"....let's be about our father's business in every sense of the word!

It's not what you say it's how you say it!

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, be at peace with everyone.”—Romans 12:18 So may my peace be unto each and everyone of you.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

An awesome experience at Windy Gap

I am truly grateful to God for blessing my daughter with a school that gave her an awesome spiritual experience. My daughter spent 3 days at Windy Gap. My daughter came back so joy filled and excited. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity and I can not do anything but give God the absolute glory. It restores my faith and reminds me this mission is truly about Jesus.

God has truly took these trying times that the enemy meant for evil and turned them into good. I am just rejoicing knowing that God had blessed her life and surrounded her with people filled with the love of God in their hearts. Thank you for touching her life in a super natural way and may God continue to pour his blessings on each and everyone of you that crossed her path and poured into her life.



Thursday, September 22, 2011

Troy Davis will not be died that others may live

He died with honor and he will not be forgotten. Black men die every day in America in the same fashion. The difference is he was able to get a break through to the national media. I was saddened by the reaction of the family of the officer. That man lost his life and his family now suffers your pain unfairly. He has been delivered to you.

It was clear that Georgia knew they were wrong. However, that almighty dollar prevented them from making the right decision. "There would be law suits" if they admitted their error. It so reminded me of Jesus and Pilot. You paused because you knew you were shedding innocent blood. Some how I believe they hoped the Supreme Court would make the right decision. However, you will all have his blood on your hands.

Somehow, we believe there is never a price to pay. However, on September 21, 2011 at 11:08 pm you took the life of an innocent man of God and it became national news. It may be forgiven but it will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My husband has been quite honorable!

Just FYI thanks for all the concern but my husband has truly been honorable. The friend was truly a friend of question that made an advance and my husband ignored her. It was a situation that just irritated me. My mother always said misery loves company. I just always thought I had friends who shared my heart about boundaries. There are simply some things you just don't share.i.e. my husband, my toothbrush etc. So sometimes we realize our friends may not be who we think they are and that is okay.

We just have to move on and grow from our experiences. My husband said "you may have calmed down a lot but he simply finds no interest in putting his life at risk." He knows I love but life goes on. You can not control anyone but you. I therefore make it plain it is all or nothing. There is no dipping in my life. You are either true or move on and maybe one day we will meet again. I wish you the best old friend. This chapter of my life is therefore closed.......

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stay by Tyrese in stores 11-1-11...See Exclusive photos!!!!

I am very excited to see Tyrese continuing to promote the healing process of real life issues. It's wonderful how they show that "black love is a beautiful thing." You see although the video starts off with Taraji being totally upset by Tyrese being self absorbed. He realizes that his relationship is what is important. He starts off a little harsh in his response but soon realizes she is not playing and he shows he really wants his relationship to work.

Check out the video here on how he seals the deal: STAY- TYRESE~VIDEO

Tyrese shares this heartfelt quote:

"The man above has been expanding my territories into many different amazing things. But rest assured, that my FIRST and ONLY LOVE is still MUSIC. I’ve read your letters, tweets, Facebook, MySpace and emails. I’ve listened to your voice mails and more importantly, I’ve run into you in person and you’ve all wanted me to do it again. So, come 11.1.11, my new album “OPEN INVITATION” will be launched globally for you to listen and feel my heart & soul that I put into the album....."

This is a beautiful song that will hit the stores on 11-1-11. It is so important that we support Tyrese in his efforts as he launches "Stay" on his independent label Voltron Recordz.

Remember to check out this link below:


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I can see your face and not know your heart

This has been a trying time, but God. I have faced a gesture of betrayal, flat tires, but I am rejoicing knowing "How Great is My God." I have truly had to say Devil it's you. No one has friendships for 2 decades only to have your trust betrayed. If there is one thing I have never wanted it was someone else's man. I truly take this very seriously, it may mean nothing to the world to respect marriage but it means everything to me. You see nothing good comes from evil.

My son recently told a male friend that he felt betrayed one of "their boys." "Man, you ain't right, until you straighten this don't even talk to me." My son is 14 years old and understands what's your is yours and what's for me is for me. I thought wow he is taking this so seriously. You just don't invade other people's lives with foolishness. I know people hurt people all the time and hurt people try to hurt other people. "I live" ...."what God has put together let no man put asunder" because if it becomes a stinch in God's nose it is definitely significant to me.

I do try my best to hold no grudge but some times I have to evaluate the types of people I may allow around my family. I love with an everlasting love especially friends and family but usually when I say's goodbye. So I am seeking prayer in the area of trusting others right now. I truly feel like CeCe Winans song "tired of the Devil messin' with me"....when I need to be Waging War.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Online and Home school resources

As a result of my passion to see children succeed no matter their income level. I have created a website that is a spin off from our facebook group....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Prayer for a peace that surpasses all understanding

As I think of the people who have lost their family members in the 9/11 attack, my heart continues to go out to each and everyone of you. Many of us take it for granted that we will have tomorrow. However, it is times such as this, that remind me how much we should appreciate those around us and just love like nobody's business so that there are no regrets.....May God Bless You all and give you a peace that surpasses all understanding.

I end this blog sending a shout of love to all those who I have come into contact with.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My heartfelt apology to any I have offended

My heart goes out to the various families that have been going through. It especially goes out to our church family as they grieve. My writing has been in an effort to serve as a testimony and to leave my family an account or record of what has occurred so that history will not necessarily repeat itself. As I look over circumstances, I realize I have grieved the hearts of some women and men of God and that has not been my intention. I write in love. I only hope that my writings will help us see what is causing people to stray away from their faith.

I never ever meant to cause anyone any harm, whether it be by an offense or by anything I have done. Know I love my sisters and brothers in Christ with an everlasting love. When I returned to Charlotte a prophecy came forth that there would be hurt and rejection but that the woman of God would be the one to welcome someone I love dearly into heaven. You see we know not who will be able to enter the kingdom. I only hope we try to love one another and pray for one another like only Christ would. As I work on having more compassion and strengthening my love walk, I only pray we all take an account and continue to grow in love.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Come out from among them and be ye separate

Anyone who really knows me knows I have struggled with this scripture in the Bible. I have had trouble believing it means what it is used for. When I read about Jesus I read about a loving being who made the ultimate sacrifice for humanity. I have believed it is the one scripture the enemy tortures believers with. I have always thought if you can believe God for all the stuff in the world then why shouldn't we believe God that we can win souls? For that..... in my opinion is what is most important to the body of Christ.

It relieved me as I taught my sons about Matthew this week. I let them listen to the series from Oral Roberts and he confirmed my thoughts that we are never to be afraid to be among unbelievers. I always said how can you win someone to Christ if you don't truly love them. Well Oral Roberts said when we as the body of Christ think we can't be around unbelievers that is fear of someone else's failure. You basically saw someone fall to the ways of the world, they were trying to win someone to Christ and now you have become afraid to win people to Christ but isn't that our purpose? He said in summary .......the mere fact that you are helping them come out of what you went through should make you realize that you should not be afraid. Therefore, I will not be afraid to be among them, I will be concerned for where they will spend their eternity. I just want to strengthen my love walk more and more each day.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Feeling like I've been on the Battlefield

As I entered the week I heard God whisper "I did not send you to make others comfortable." It is not a time for comfort it is a time for change. He reminded me that when others are feeling discomfort it is such a time as this that is at hand. We can't love the creations and forget to love the creator and what he has created which is most important to God is the people.

It is time to prepare like the ants because time is at hand. I have spent time just preparing for the days ahead. It is important that we remember each other in prayer. Remember you are your brother's and sister's keepers.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Out with the old and in with the new!

It never fails the minute I mention I want to change something the enemy launches an attack. I recently evaluated how much we were spending on gas which is $500.00 a month and realized a hybrid would truly be more economical. Although I truly wanted to avoid a car payment and still do. I must do what is wiser for my family in order to save long term. My mom taught us it is always better to own your vehicle free and clear because "as long as you have no title, you have no ownership."

So as I make all these lifestyle changes "I figure...... out with old and in with the new."

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Really moved by your thoughtfulness

As this school year approcahes I have been totally out of it recovering from a rigorous summer. I have been blessed by a sister in Christ who has been like an exercise coach and nutitionist to me. As I struggled with swelling and weight gain. She has helped me choose and take excercise classes and reevaluate my eating habits to get back on course. As we get older it is so true that the weight loss process does truly get tougher. However, it has been a matter of learning what the fat burning foods are rather than eating just for survival. As I stated I felt eating was for necessity as a child and when I got married eating for pleasure occurred......because my husband is an excellent cook. However, the time has come where eating wisely is more important for me now.

The main reason I decided to write this article was to thank the kind people who are truly the village in my life. My church gave my son a going back to school bin filled with college supplies, my children's summer camp gave them back to school back packs filled with supplies and my sister and a neighbor came with backpacks for the 14 year old and 17 year old. Normally I have all their supplies pretty much ready. However, we were so consumed with keeping our promise to our 14 year old to get him to his friends premiere in Ohio, which we accomplished and truly enjoyed by the grace of God we made it. We had to keep our promise to my daughter to get her through her process of being enrolled in a christian school and the school supplies unconsciously became the least of my concerns.

Isn't God just amazing how he takes care of his children. I normally buy a closet full of supplies, but this year I felt peace that they would have what they need. And just as God always has he truly supplied our every need. Thank you to all the vessels that keep me humble and keep me knowing it truly is the village that makes it happen! :-)

Boys play games...Men take Responsibility and show you RESPECT

As I look out on the young ladies today, I often think about the song...... "No Pain, No Gain." As she stated there is a time for everything ........she said "be a cook in the kitchen, a lady in the streets, you can't show your stuff to every guy you's alright to be a little a sweet, be a Momma with the kids and you know what in the sheets...No Pain, No Gain...." Although it's a little much. It is right on point. We have many roles and many hats to wear and we have to know when to wear them. If it was one thing Mom taught me it was how to be a lady despite what anyone else was doing.

In some ways there are times when we have to adjust our lifestyle to the mess we create, but there is still a time for everything. I have learned that people are going to come and then they are going to go. It is best they leave when it is their time to go or you create an even worst problem in the end. One man's junk is a another man's treasure. If he can not bring out the best in you and you in him it maybe best to move on. As the Bible states there is no guarantee that you will change them.

Sometimes we endure for the greater good but if the situation is making you someone you are not and allowing you to lose your self respect, then you have to ask yourself is it really worth it? We always have to evaluate who our decisions will effect and of course make sure it is worth the loss for all involved. I often heard "you need to save yourself in my marriage." However, I knew he needed saving as much as I did. We were so young and we both came from similar backgrounds, therefore, I was more accepting and tolerant and so was he. However he always showed me respect in ways one could expect and he was there through the pregnancy and the delivery of each of his children and although we had to work on the stable job. He was willing to make the necessary changes and work three jobs to support his family.

What I am basically saying is we have to truly evaluate what we want long term; especially when we are making adult decisions that are going to effect us for the rest of our lives. We all get weary in marriage and we either press on or we walk away. My recommendation for you young girls is to evaluate whether you want to be in your situation for most or the rest of your life? You are not insecure when a lack of peace arises. You have to be willing to evaluate why those feelings came about. Unless there is something you have done to trigger that insecurity your insides are crying out to you for a reason. God truly equipped women with intuition so follow your insides.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If you can't reach them look within

It amazes me the number of people who approach me in Christ that expect you to respond to gossip. There are children dying, and people hurting who are seeking a better life. Yet we turn them away everyday because the dollar is so mighty in our sight. Is it really about winning them to Christ? Please don't be offended if I tell you I don't have time for the foolishness. I have worked for Judges who were more humble than the average man I meet who believes they are better than those who are hurting.

God said "How can you say you love me?" 1 John 4:20...when you basically can't love the flesh I have created that stands before you....Our pride makes us believe we can not reach them because there's something wrong with them. However, it's time to look within. God is more concerned about the people than he is about "the stuff" because you can't take the stuff with you. Wake up before we lose a generation that belongs to Christ!

Matthew 17-20 This scripture is normally referenced to the person who is struggling with their unbelief but it was the disciples that Christ was rebuking about their unbelief. We have to take more responsibility as Disciples of Christ. Be the light you were created to be!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

London Riots hit home!

My heart goes out to those in London ( I have family there so it hits home.) I knew a time would come. As I listened to Darcus Howe being interviewed about how authorities are going after young black men. I understood their frustrations, while I am saddened that the events have taken such a turn. How long do people believe young African American males will be able to accept the obvious mistreatments they face each day?

My children are so sheltered but I decided to allow my son to take the UNC bus recently to the college to allow him to grow up, he was attending a meeting with his ELMP family. He had an awesome time among friends. However, my son was so hurt when he came home and revealed that when he asked the driver if he was on the right bus he was repeatedly ignored. He finally got off the bus because he did not want to lose more time going in the wrong direction.

He kept saying Mom "why wouldn't he answer me?" I thought baby in our society that is just the beginning. He is so use to me demanding an answer, that he does not realize we face it as women too just not so publicly. He was truly broken hearted. I told him if he really wanted to do something about it, don't be sad call his supervisor. The reality is we lose African American men everyday over senseless ignorance and things that can be avoided. The difference is in London they have finally said enough is enough. This father of four Mark Duggan did not have to die. I hope this will make the world reevaluate how you treat God's children this day because they do belong to God.

Excited about my miracles!

I took the time to post on Facebook that Tuesday my sister was the vessel that called with a natural remedy. She advised me to wrap my foot in a paper bag that had been soaked in vinegar. I spent time thanking God for my healing that day. On Wednesday early I awoke and there was still pain. I laid back down and the second time I arose the pain was gone! Isn't it just amazing what God has done! I Am the Healed! I went to church and I walked and I praised God and all is well!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm fighting and believing to the end! Our miracles are here!

This week has been quite fun, yet challenging. Anything that could have come against me has. However, I have found that in the face of trauma there is always VICTORY! I have been advised family members have been hospitalized with cancer and other illnesses but I continue to know there is nothing too hard for my God. As I woke up this morning I could not walk on my foot. It was as if I was walking on knives. I heard something pop when I was receiving a foot massage and I overlooked it recently. However, as I realized I was in true pain I thought God I will continue to believe you. As I step out in faith knowing that God will meet every need.

As my children return to school to register, they faced classes being closed and I was upset that they were not on campus at 7:30 am to register. However, I trust that God will open doors no man can shut. I trust God to heal my foot so that I may keep it moving. Most of all I trust that God will meet every financial need for my children as well as the other mother's who have contacted me regarding scholarships. We trust you to do the miraculous Oh God!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

This weekend just keeps getting better and better!

I am excited about the amazing things God is doing. I have to "Be Grateful" for God blessing me through my sister on Saturday. We attended the Carribean Festival at the Metrolina Expo. We could not stay long because I had to get the children to basketball practice but I am grateful for the time I had to share with my big Sister and my children. My sister was such a blessing, she treated her nephews and neice to icees and we took inventory of the festival. She even treated her baby sister to a Pina Colada (no alcohol of course) lol.

It did not stop there, as we went back to the cars, my sister further blessed my daughter with a new curling iron and blow dryer with a comb attachment. I told no one her curling iron had broken just the day before. I said to Taylor "let's get a new one." However, I didn't have time so we were using the flat iron and kept it moving. I know it may seem minor to some but I know God touched my sister's heart with just the right items. I had not taken time to go get the curler or the blow dryer which needed a new comb attachment. My sister came with the exact items she needed. (I had just privately thought okay it's past time to have 2 of everything). She even blessed me with a new cooler on wheels. She didn't know I had returned one 2 weeks ago because my hubby said it was too small for an event.

I had been running for the last few weeks to 4 destinations getting up at 5 am and starting at 6 am every morning until 9 am back and forth across town....... then running errands, managing the household and I was exhausted and swollen by the end of the day...... when the routine had to be repeated. Yet I was just grateful the family was doing exactly what I was praying for.

Therefore, it meant so much to me that my sister didn't say "girl you need to get my neice such and such." No she took it upon herself to discern a need and just met it. I am extremely grateful for people in my life who take time to be a blessing even in what some may see as a little blessing...I see it as so HUGE!

It made me think of the gift of water I received from our overseer of an event I participated in this month. Some would say it was just water? However, it meant so much to me because God knew just what I needed, I had been swelling abnormally again and I basically could not be on my feet long. I was just pushing myself. I had been advised to drink more water but I had "set my need aside again." However, it was the gentle reminder I needed to start drinking more water again. Isn't God "Simply Amazing."

Last but not least my son is enjoying a few days with his ELMP family at Busch Gardens. I am extremely grateful that they give the boys the opportunity to sell raffle tickets to teach them responsibility, it teaches them a skill in approaching people and networking. I was truly excited for my son who had never been out on his own selling raffle tickets. He is very laid back and does not like to have to approach people so this was development for him. He sold some tickets. He paid for part of his own trip and dad matched what he paid. So it was an awesome experience all around. It was an absolute team effort. I am truly happy for him having the opportunity to be among friends and for his time away to celebrate. Thank you friends and family that purchased tickets to support Edwin...and just for the overall support of this family for it is TRULY APPRECIATED! :-)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

If God be for you it doesn't matter who comes against you

In all that I have been through, the one thing I know for sure is that when God is for you it does not matter who or what tries to come against you. I was recently in prayer and I just heard that in my spirit so clearly. I thought you are so right God, what manner of love is this? God has been by my side throughout it all. There were so many miracles. He has shown me that he can touch the hearts of anyone. Sometimes we simply need to pray for them. God has truly been my rock.

I was thinking back on when the road got rocky. It was when I wanted to be in agreement so badly with my husband. It was interesting because growing up it was easy hearing God's leading because Mom would always say "follow your first mind." It is your God mind. You see when God gives you a command he is the original. It is the afterthoughts that are usually not of God. So when you can listen within it is easier. However, when it gets difficult is when you have to agree with one another. You have to evaluate between the two and make a compromise. I had difficulty because I am somewhat bossy and I have been known to be a little spoiled. So it was hard to submit to the thought that it had to be "our way."

Even this morning on my way to drop the children off, I got quiet and I could sense clearly I needed to take another route because we did not leave early as we should. If I had not listened and changed my route I would have missed it and I would not have realized there was a much shorter route. Just seconds before I arrived I said "be ready because your bus is there" to the children and as I pulled up she had arrived and the children had to make it on quickly.

My point is it is important to hear from God because it is God and God alone that will matter most in your times of tribulation and in your every day life. He is the great I Am and when he is the anchor you can't help but win!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Time is short and we know not the hour nor the day

As I was spending time alone with God he answered my questions he said "think of the woman who is married and her husband has been unfaithful." He said "she has not necessarily done anything to suffer at her spouses hand. It helped me better understand my travail and I hope this explanation will help many of you.

As I learned the little girls who had become my great concern and were the center of my mission are now gone. They had to move recently and it sort of saddened my heart. I thought how many times have I allowed myself to miss the timing. I had but a short time to effect change. I was blessed to take them to lunch and take them shopping for their Mother's Day gift but there was so much more I wanted to do. I had plans of buying my daughter a doll house big enough for all of them to have a safe place they could go and just hang out in. I wanted them to know anything they needed would be available to them.

I write this to remind people sometimes we have but a short time to lead someone to Christ. The time we have is definitely not promised. So I have decided to spend more time praising God, giving God the glory and making myself available to every good work.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Excited for the children this week! :-)

One major event to complete the tasks for this month. Excited that all five children are in camp by the grace of God. I believe in keeping my children occupied and I so appeciate the organizations that made it affordable. No idle minds......Just praying my strength in the Lord as I tag all the clothing for the children's event I am involved in this week. It's been awesome helping with different organizations and just being involved in various tasks.

May God bless each and everyone of you with an overflow of His blessings! :-)

Family Fun Day at Victory Christian Center was Outstanding!

When you watch what goes on behind the scenes of an event such as Family Fun Day you just have to be in awe. The creativity and hard work that goes into presenting activities for the members is simply amazing. It was a blessing just to be able to watch and observe the love that goes into the event. The talent of taking wood and turning it into a display of beauty. The team work and effort put into helping each other achieve......the village at work.

Our church has been holding an annual event which began as Sister's Day Out and grew into Sister's and Brothers Day Out and became Family Day Out which was held yesterday at the church. The church is transformed into a beautiful marketplace and just a paradise of relaxation, a prayer room, reading room, a salon & spa. It was just total enjoyment and the food court was simply outstanding. You get to see the gifts and talents of God's people just overflowing. It was an opportunity to see and learn what is important to God's people. It also gave community members a chance to partake and see what God is doing through the church. The vendors and members also received an event guide which highlights the businesses and sponsors of the event.

The children learn to be of service in a major way. Yet all the while still having the opportunity to take time to have fun bowling in the bowling alley, swimming, enjoying the bouncy house, and playing at the playground. The children truly had an amazing time. You just have to give God the absolute glory knowing that he blessed us with Pastor & Mrs. Gool the vessels that blessed us with a day of God's love and a touch of His paradise yesterday.

No Mask!

Some people wonder why I put my struggles out there so openly. I know there are people who have been broken just as I have been. I need them to understand that we overcome. I recently put it out there that I have struggled with fear. I have to overcome, some have addictions, some have a haughty spirit and some are straight deceptive. My huge sin has been fear and a sin is a sin. Since 2006 I have been extremely careful. When you grow up being taught that when you do things by the book everything will work out and it doesn't you feel cheated.

At first it was like God if this is the result of success I didn't want it. God had blessed me with everything I was longing for and within a year Mom was gone and there was pure turbulence. I just wanted to give it all back. The constant trial thereafter truly wore on me. I could not understand it. There were people truly disregarding and disrespecting God. I wanted it to make sense and it would not. Then it finally clicked. It all relates to the word "our works are like filthy rags" it was nothing I did or could do. As people continued to tell me it's like Job I just rebelled. I said I don't want to live Jobs pain. I just want to enjoy my life and the people in it. Or that thorn in your side in time.... you'll be okay because God's grace is sufficient and all the while I was just hoping that no one else would be hurt in all of this. I walked away from fights many times to keep others from getting hurt.

As I sat in church Pastor preached on someone struggling with God's love and I knew that word was for me. I was struggling with whether God's love was the same for me as it was before. I knew that I could still ace tests despite my head injury. Even my 98 was fear I heard clearly to go back and fix an answer but I did not want to mess up.

I know God is still blessing my life, but over the years I was prosperous, protected and so productive. It always seemed upward and I was wondering what did I do to change that. It was as if I felt penalized for every move not perfectly executed. With Mom when you messed up she saw the good in it so you felt on top of the world even if you made a mistake she'd say "there is always more than one way of doing things." Therefore, even if you made a mistake you would eventually master your task. I just didn't feel like I had room for error anymore.

I just became afraid there would be a consequence no matter what I did be it wrong or right. I had even neglected to take job opportunities or participate in writing opportunities because of fear that it would not be as they wanted it. Mainly because I wanted it as God wanted it, I did not want God's message to be altered. If he gave it to me and I allowed someone to water it down or change it to make myself look like the expert that would be a false sense of success for me. No I wanted it to be straight from the heart. The heart is what is important. You can not fix it when you think it isn't broken. So take a look at the broken me but know that when God puts the pieces back together it will be better than it ever was before.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The gift of camp & Giving God the absolute Glory for my 98!

Only God can do it so Big! As I planned my week I said "Lord, I need to take this course so I commit my children back to you." I was filled with anxiety as I heard my class was so hard. I had already booked the 14 year old for an online course at no charge. I figured the smaller children maybe off for a week or two, for they were attending a half day camp but had been off for an unexpected week.

However, I received a phone call on Friday that they had been invited to a full day camp for three weeks at no charge. I was advised I could pay an optional $35.00. I thought optional wow, how kind is that. I thought of course we will. I thought as I enter my days of philanthropy they will all be very, very high on my list.

I am so grateful to the people who take the time to create programs for children and who try to lighten the load. I said "Lord, the time is coming when I will truly be able to donate so BIG and your word said "I will be the lender, not the borrower." So I am putting you in remembrance of your word knowing that you want your children to prosper and be in "good health." Knowing you only want the best for me.

During my class I faced a little anxiety because I did not finish reading the book before class. I thought oh no, I didn't find time to finish and I was up almost all Sunday night. I had already prayed about my hundred. The teacher said "for those of you who read the book I expect a hundred........ for the rest you need at least an 80." I thought oh no, okay Lord I will be happy with a 90. I compromised my position and took my focus off my prayer knowing that I could do all things through Christ and get my 100.

Although I got nervous, I still managed to get it together and when the teacher gave me my grade of 98 I said "God has such an awesome way of showing you not to doubt, yet all the while still showing his love by allowing me the ability to remember enough to get that 98! The joy is I was blessed with a great teacher that taught with the ability to relate everything to everyday life. I really enjoyed going back to college....... thank you to my wonderful husband....... I enjoyed taking some time for me.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Devil you can't have my joy!

Simply grateful for God's leading. As a student of Christ we are always learning. I am growing in the area of tolerance and stopping the Devil from stealing my joy. I have learned it is better for me to communicate by email and text which some people simply hate. However, in my desire to not offend and to juggle all the people in my life I have avoided the phone. Yet when I take the time I do truly enjoy my friends.

Besides lately I have had no choice but to be on the phone. It has actually been a great thing. It has taught me to look a little deeper. You see when you are juggling a husband and five children and trying to handle other matters it can get hectic. As I have shared I never wanted my career or anyone to be competition for my family so I have spent many years secluded to some degree. I have just in the past few years come out and started the process of networking and mingling again.

The reason it is difficult is because I have spoiled my family and when I am on a call they continue to know they are my priority. If I am talking to them and others I tend to juggle the conversations. However, recently I was on the phone with an important call and the person was laughing and excited. However, my family was in front of me speaking of other matters. So as I tried to juggle the two conversations the phone call did not get my proper reactions. On the inside I was rejoicing and smiling but I had to juggle two reactions. I believe the person got off the phone rather disappointed.

I later spoke with her the same week and I was excited about the news she was delivering to me. However, this time she was rather dull and I noticed she had someone in the background talking to her as well.

For the first time I was not moved by this situation. I simply took inventory of the two calls and realized that just like I did not react the way she expected ........neither did she. I realized we both had other things going on. Before I would have been totally messed up wondering had I offended this person. However, this time God simply showed me "Me." He helped me see that I need to stop letting things get to me and stop worrying so much about other people's emotional roller coasters. It is okay if they get upset, they will get over it just as I did and may realize it was not as they may have perceived. I realized people are not as fragile as I seem to think. I was so tired of walking on eggshells with people I simply stopped communicating. That was definitely not a solution.

I am not saying I will be back to myself and staying on the phone as I did before I had a family to care for. However, it has helped me see things from a different perspective. While my family is indeed my priority it is okay to have more "me time" and to give my time to others when necessary.

Monday, July 4, 2011

James 1:3 ....the trying of your faith worketh patience

After many challenges in the area of health in my family the Lord gave me James 1:3. The trying of my faith has definitely strengthened my patience. I have had to overcome a challenge myself physically. Then it seemed to be one illness after another in the family. Many times we just keep it moving knowing on the inside there is nothing too hard for our God. However, on some days we wonder why (because our flesh begins to take control). We ask God how could this be? We know what the word says that by your stripes (Lord) we are already healed.

Yet for some strange reason the enemy has been able to stay in the ring longer than he should. I realize that sometimes that means more fasting, more alone time with our creator. We have to spend more time strengthening our spirit and come from the spirit instead of our natural feelings and flesh. It is simply time to size the enemy up and knock him out of the ring because you win. No more revolving doors. The Lord has shown me while we must be patient we do not have to tolerate illness at all. Isaiah 53:5 says that by his stripes we are healed. That means it is finished, we must take a stand and know it more than anything else.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

God truly supplies my every need

You know God is truly awesome. A year ago I was having a yard sale and I almost passed out. It is very clear I have no desire to go anywhere near hell. But anyway I got a phone call this week advising me to pick up a brand new canopy from a friend. It just never ceases to amaze me how thoughtful God is. He just touches hearts and renews the mind all in one shot.

As July is my month of consigning to get rid of the excess in the house. I thought it is time to have another yard sale and surely God has sent a vessel right on time. The only thing holding me back was the heat. So now there is nothing left but to do it! Have a blessed week!


Passion vs. Profit

As I looked out over the crowd today, I observed my children interact at their school. I heard is it profit or passion? Mrs. Hood and Ms. Sluder are definitely examples of passion. I heard God say it's the passionate that will survive.

I believe the worst day in education was when the theory was presented that one could hold a carrot to lure teachers to teach. There are many jobs that are suitable to be for profit. Teaching simply is not one of them. Our children are simply too valuable to be placed at such risk.

It is awesome to reward those who have a proven track record and the rewards should be great for those who produce! However, we are going to continue to see massive losses because only the fittest will survive. It is definitely a job created for the passionate at heart.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

God's Grace and Mercy are Incredible!

As I was going through my "Lord, just so tired of people trying to take advantage of our kindness mode." I realized it truly "was not as bad as Christ's pain"... by reading Sis LaTanya 's blog or the "holocaust" reading Brother Andrew's post. So now that I have had my pity party "I am bouncing back" as Pastor Paula posted. Isn't it amazing how God can use people all over the nation to minister to your needs.

To top it all off, I had just thrown out furniture and decided to clear out space for the new. My husband and I stopped to see an old friend. This is a friend my husband encouraged to open a business and God is just blessing. Since my husband is a master visual merchandiser, he volunteered his time to help a friend and I pitched in where I could. As we were heading out and were about to purchase a dresser to support this friend's business. The owner said "no way after all you did." "No charge!" It reminded me there are good people out there who truly have appreciative hearts and that do deserve the goodness you try to share.

The weekend only got better because my husband went to work and was given a really nice t.v. stand there again at "No Charge" that matched the book shelf we just bought the children recently. So I must say that while I am a brat at times, I am grateful that God loves me as he does and just continues to bless my family despite my tantrum. It's so good that his Grace and Mercy are new every day! So I will learn to extend the same to my fellow people as I continue to learn their ways.

Is your word not your bond?

I am going to go a little more in detail about some things I have experienced. I was involved in a deal in 2007 here in Charlotte that "a woman of God" agreed to through a religous organization. In the agreement I agreed to pay $550.00 per month. During this term the first month the woman came back to me and said. Well since you were blessed you should bless me and pay $550.00 for the first two weeks. Of course my response was no. For I did not understand why she felt entitled to the blessing God gave my family.

Next, this woman came back and said it is going to cost me more to provide you this service. So I said okay just provide me the receipts. Not once did she come back with the receipts, yet she expected me to pay her more. My husband said "no, she agreed to a flat fee and there should be no adjustments." As a result this woman was upset with my husband and did not want to speak to him further about the agreement for being firm, then she became upset with me because she did not get more money.

However, growing up if we agreed to something we honored it even if we took a loss. My Mom taught us it was our word that we had given and the other party should not be penalized. Therefore, my husband was correct. However, I went one step further and asked that she simply provide the receipt but she never did. So why should she feel I owe her anything after she was paid as agreed and failed to provide the receipts or even a figure? I have tried to get past it and treat her with love but she continues to have an attitude like I really owe her. I asked for the receipts and she seems to think I shouldn't ask for them. I have simply moved on but has she?

I write this for my children so that they will one day understand their parents experiences and learn from our story. My hope is that they will use my writings to their benefit one day.

Friday, June 24, 2011

What is for you is for you and what is for me is for me

I grew up believing your word is your bond. However, since moving to the south. I have learned that a verbal agreement is much like 40 acres and a mule. My mom use to say "a promise is only a comfort to a fool." She would also say "The heart is willing baby but the flesh is weak."

Therefore, forgive me if I expect everything you offer me to be in writing. I have learned that people will offer you whatever sounds good to get what they want but by the end they will have butchered and altered the agreement to fit only their own self gain if you allow it. We were recently offered a dream oportunity, yet when asked to put it in writing the individual could not comply. I was already not at peace. So the reluctance to write the terms only served as a red flag. I sought Godly counsel which confirmed my thoughts.

You see we have been given a vision and each time we share that vision other people try to make it their own and try to run with it. However, each time they have been faced with failure down the road. I believe my error is in believing the vision is so much bigger than me. Their error is in trying to use God's blueprint for us as their own. There is simply too much opportunity and ideas to steal someone' else's business plan or to even steal their thoughts word for word. "You are a designer's original." God truly did not make any counterfeits. Be blessed and be who "God designed you to be."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I hold the village accountable and so should you!

I was advised I take on way too much responsibility for others. However, I believe I saw the village at work and it was always sucessful as a child. I believe as a village we are our brother's keeper and if one child fails we all fail. As I advocated for my children this year, I woke up many nights upset that there were children with no parents standing in their corners and on graduation day I thought how many should have been marching alongside my child.

We fail these children both spiritually and in the natural when we fail to realize their success is indeed our success. Also, that their failures are indeed our failures. It takes one body in Christ to be the difference we want to see. It takes the village to truly succeed!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Father's Day My King!

The travel was not easy and our load was not light.
The battles are behind us...... we see the light.
It's time to stand in unity without the constant fight.
Our life has been to live as clean a life as we can.
In an effort to show our children in Christ they can stand.
We never claimed to be perfect only Christ can be.
We promised to stay the course and teach them and help them see.
See what it is to be the best family we can be.
You showed so many because you stood the test of time.
You showed our sons not to abandon ship at the drop of a dime.
We honor you and sing..........
You assumed your position as Husband, Father and King!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stop trying to absolve ourselves of being the Village

Mom once said the church can be a wonderful place "But don't let the church turn you into no fool" and what she was saying is still follow your insides for some will tell you what to do and turn around and say you should not be saying or doing that.

I have learned it is important to sometimes step out of your surroundings when things are not working and get clarity of mind. Attending the Brunch and Blessings recently helped me clarify many things.

What was amazing was what Susan Taylor was saying lined up so perfectly with my own circumstances I could totally relate. When she preached about the force pulling her into the back of the church and her coming to an understanding that she was able to create anything she could see or imagine and that we are the little g's, we are God's hands and feet in this earth. How coming from a catholic background that sounded like blasphemy. I came from a Catholic University so I could some what relate. I could relate when she said seemed like only the Nuns and Pastors had a direct line to God and yet so do we.

I could relate to her saying that it is hard to advocate for yourself but that it is our responsibility to help others once we take care of ourselves. As she testified about getting to that quiet place and the Holy Spirit guiding her to call and ask how she could use her gifts and that she received a 40 percent increase. I thought of becoming a court reporter and how miraculous it was how God blessed me with the greatest opportunity in an unconventional way. My increase was $30.00 an hour. It was amazing how God blessed my life.

What I loved about her message was she was so humble and for once in the south I was not hearing people trying to absolve themselves of the responsibility of being the village. She was not pointing the finger at the oppressed and saying "woman you have the issue of blood because of your unbelief." No it was as if she was imitating Jesus when she said it is not that you are lazy, but you must pull yourself up and realize that you are the blessing. What I heard her saying in summary was you come from great Kings and Queens and you must regain ground and save our children.

Susan Taylor pointed out that we are obviously capable because we can raise $25,000 for the Pastor's anniversary. She just said our priorities are out of place because we have children in school with no books. It is obvious we are a capable people but we must gain control of our mind for that is where the battling is taking place in our communities.

So please let us all stop the finger pointing and the division. Don't tell a sister it is the people in her life that she must change. Then tell the brother he is doing great, but telling the sister he is not. Then tell them it is their fault. We must all take responsibility for where we are as a people. No you may not have caused the problem, but we are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution. The bottom line is we must be the solution that we want to see. Let the division end and the unity begin.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Congratulations Great Prince, you graduated today

I am all smiles today. I was blessed to see my Young African American Prince graduate from high school today! I am so excited because I know what a battlefield these young men face everyday watching my sons go through and come out victoriously is the best Gift from God that one can receive. There were so many distractions along the way. We had to set some programs and activities aside for just a time to stay focused on the tasks at hand. '

I believe that all children can achieve success when placed in the correct environments, equipped with the word of God and education. So I salute you today my first born son, know that you made me appreciate every late night and every conversation! You win this day future King!

The National Mentoring Movement will Rechange Black America

It was such an honor and a blessing to have attended the Susan Taylor Brunch and Blessings event yesterday. It gave me a sense of peace and re-established my purpose. People try to make you feel like you are just complaining when you discuss what you know to be wrong in America. However, to hear people of color in positions of power speak out about what we must do to save our children totally gives you a strong foundation on which to build.

Susan Taylor not only opened the eyes of our understanding, she reminded us of how important it is to rely on the Holy Spirit as your helper. She emphasized that our people are not lazy, but that they are fearful. She helped give perspective on why we haven't been as progressive as we should. She made it clear that we have to change our minds to transform our lives. Her testimony as a struggling single mother who could not advocate for herself but today can advocate for so many others through this movement was outstanding. She expressed how important it is to know as one person we may not change this thing but collectively we can change this crisis for our children.

What touched me deeply was when she said "when her daughter was 1 years old she felt suicidal but she had no one to take care of her daughter" and I thought how many of us go through that? I heard my mother say "that if she did not have to take care of us when we were little she would have gone home to her Lord to be free." It is amazing how our children give us hope and the strength to hold on. Look at what an imperative role they play in our lives. It just further strengthens the argument of their great value and why we must assume our positions and protect the future.

Susan Taylor further shared on our relationships and how we must not give everyone a front row seat in our lives. She stated "sometimes things fall apart for a reason." Stop holding on to people .......and start examining how we treat one another." Her statement truly rang in my ears. She stated "we are not taking care of our communities and our children because we are not taking care of ourselves." She further reminded us that "hurt people hurt people."

Her perspective and her testimony of her ex husband cheating on her was so interesting. She said "she was grateful it fell apart at age 23 and not at 43 or 63 when it would have been more difficult to leave." It truly made one understand that we must always look for the good in every situation even when we think it is a bad one. For as scripture states it is all working out for our good.

I was thoroughly impressed with how Susan Taylor expressed her concern for our young black males and how they may sometimes face post traumatic stress; due to their environments and how their young bodies are not withstanding it as we as adults would. It was truly an eye opener as she expressed the death toll many of our children are facing in the schools and the changes they are facing as the schools are closing down. It truly reopened my eyes to the urgency we all need to have towards becoming mentors and connecting mentors with our children.

In closing, I want to share what truly encouraged me was when she stated "you are made in the image and likeness of God, you have the ability to create anything you see." She also used Paschal's restaurant and Mr. Russell as a true testimony of what a black man accomplished and how he transformed that area even today. It was uplifting and inspinring and I thank God for the opportunity to sit at Susan Taylors feet yesterday and just take in the wisdom she shared with all of us. I have always been grateful for her writings in Essence magazine and I will forever treasure the Essence Book she autographed and blessed us with as a part of our Brunch and Blessings gathering. May God continue to strengthen you as the soldier you are on this journey and may he give all of us the courage and strengthen us to assist in making the Movement change the lives of all of our children to create a better future for all.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Congratulations My Beautiful Taylor! You graduated this day Victoriously!

Wow today was victorious in so many ways. My daughter who was once under attack in some ways at this location came out totally on top. You see God always turns around what the enemy means for evil for our good. I am grateful to my husband who said let her finish her school year where she is. I was totally in disagreement for I strongly believe children need christian enrichment and a strong education to excel best in a like minded environment.

However, sometimes it is important to stay the course and let God show up and show out! Taylor graduated receiving 8 certificates, 2 medals and 1 trophy. Most importantly she received the President's Award (medal), the Math (medal) and a Reading trophy. Her success was so significant because although there were some in position who didn't want to see her triumph, she triumphed despite what was attempted because of what was on the inside of her. You see it is the greater one who saw to her success.

As I listened to one administrator with a resentful tone about being the reason for their success ...I just thought God is the reason for every breath we take and for every success. So I congratulate my daughter this day for her hard work and determination, but I give God the absolute Glory for her success and for what He has put on the inside of her manifesting so strongly. I thank God she was blessed with teachers and some wonderful administrators put into position to be guided by the creator. I just have to rejoice that God made this day possible and blessed with willing vessels who contributed to their success.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So much Gratitude for a Successful School Year!!!

I am excited for my children. I know how hard they worked this year and not one complaint that I turned off the cable all year. I said "I think I will turn it on" it was a few weeks early and my son replied "no, just leave it off's just a few days until finals." Some people don't need distractions and with a house full I know they are better off concentrating and controlling what they watch via Netflix. Although there were times we even had to disconnect the box and put the laptops away. The greatest part was I didn't have to worry about programming coming in that they did not choose. I know they may not always choose right but the chances are that much less that they will stumble across programs they would not normally watch.

This was about the achievement that took place this year. It was not all easy, I know some teachers hated to see me coming. If I can not get you by phone or email yes I will be right in the office seeking an answer. It is important to me that all children achieve which means it starts with me in my household. I don't go to the schools because it is a hobby I enjoy. I go because I know it is the key to their future success and I want to make sure all avenues have been reviewed to achieve success.

Therefore, I just want to take the time to say thank you to their teachers for all their hard work and dedication. I thank you to all faculty and administration that make it all possible and thank you to the children who try so hard to achieve! Congratulations Mikey for achieving your AR goals and honor roll every quarter you make Mommy's life easy. Thank you for Victor who improves and improves and will one day just like Mikey and Taylor excel at everything he puts his hand to.

Dad thanks for always picking up where I leave off and for your support! You work so hard to make up for so many things and I know I can be demanding but I know they can be brilliant and excel at all God has for them.

I am thanking God for his prayer warriors and for Walter's teachers who truly worked with him and encouraged him and he achieved straight b's in those classes! And last but not least my Justice you excel at everything and sometimes you get weary but you always bounce back. I am so very proud of your achievements in home school, your ability to fix the computers and save us tons of money and your travels to Atlanta to attend your acting workshop. You all keep me active and alert and I appreciate you all so much!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Lord, why does the division bother me so here in the south?

I had to truly ask God why everything must be black and white? I can't go to church or schools without seeing the lines so clearly. So I cried out to God because I know this is not what he intended. His response was "it bothers you because it bothers me." He said "there is no black and white in heaven." Then I went to church on Sunday and our Pastor was preaching on the same thing.

On Saturday, my husband was asked why we chose a certain school for my daughter? Well it's because I want her to know the shell of a man is just that a shell. I found the school had people filled with the love of God on the inside and that is what I want her to know. She knows what it is to be around all people but lately it's just one or the other. Somehow, we will have to leave one side and join the other to become the One Body in Christ God intended us to be. So let it start with me.

As I was listening to the hurt on the insides of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Saturday...I thought oh everyone loves the good of the message but the elephant in the room everyone ignores. Let's only listen to Dr. King in February, and let's listen to Jesus only on Sunday. It will all have to change!

I can't give my children everything, but I can oversee that they come into contact with people filled up with God's love on their insides. I want them to know black, white, purple and pink. I want them to know it is God's love that will stand the test of time. I hope people hear this message and realize that you have to know that God is waiting to invite you in to his "colorless heaven" and we all have to clean up this mess. Realize there will be no black or white when you get to heaven!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

So Grateful, Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!

Wow! Today I turn 38 years old and I am so grateful to God for all the love from my husband, children, family and friends and for an amazing school year. I am so grateful for all of you being there for me. I am grateful to my friends who listen by phone, text, articles or Facebook to all my experiences. I am grateful for my church for teaching us the way it should be. I am grateful for my pastor and his wife for being excellent counselors. I am extremely grateful to God for placing all the wonderful people across my path who have been my angels along the way and for even those who bring controversy for without them how can we become strong.

This birthday I look forward to new beginnings, I was once advised you need 3 eights and I said "I have the 8 in my anniversary this year and an 8 in my birthday and I finally found the 3rd 8 in my son turning 18 this year. I am excited about all the wonderful new beginnings that this year has brought forth and I am so excited about the GOODNESS OF GOD!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brunch & Blessings w/ Susan Taylor on June 12, 2011

On Sunday June 12, 2011 you have a chance to make a difference in the life of a child. The National Cares Mentoring Movement is hosting Brunch and Blessings with Susan Taylor. You may take part in and connect caring adults with children or give of yourself in a life changing way. There is nothing more important than our children because they are truly the key to the future. It is our responsibility as the village to come together and be the difference. Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to give of yourself and change the world one child at a time.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy 18th Anniversary My Love

Today we celebrate our 18th Anniversary and we are spending the day with our family. However, tonight it is with you my King. Our road has not been easy but I am so grateful that we chose to stay the course and raise our family as one unit. I never wanted my family exposed to "outside people or things" that can harm a family unit and we have been blessed to keep our family protected in that sense.

As we watch our son graduate next month and as we enjoyed his award ceremonies..... I could only smile to see the two of you in one anothers presence. I am grateful that you loved me enough to overlook my weaknesses and love me for who I am. Flaws and all you try to make me feel flawless at my lowest moments and for that I am eternally grateful.

We have our moments like any couple but we have been able to focus on what is important and wear many, many hats to fulfill our duties to our children and attempt to enjoy the life God has blessed us to have with each other. As we move forward, we move forward with new beginnings as the 8 represents just that! I love you dearly and I pray that God continues to bless our life together and you as the head of our home. Helping you to excel at everything you put your hands to. May the Blessings be so abundant that we can not contain it. "I Love You Dearly My Great King! My Great Man of God!" Blessings......

Friday, May 27, 2011

What a small world! Seeing Special Ed

Yesterday as I took my homeschooler to the gym for his class I ran into Special Ed. It was rather ironic as I was the infatuated teen who had to meet him and of course God granted that desire as Special Ed selected about 4 of us out of the audience to take pictures backstage after the concert. He was still just as pleasant and humble as he was in the 90's.

I said that's Special Ed to my son..... should I ask him? My son responded "Mom that's not right." So I asked and he smiled and said yes and my son said "oh the rapper." It was too funny. What a small world we live in. I have always admired his music because it had meaning. He was gifted in rhyming with true thought. Hope to see him or his offspring come out with more meaningful cd's in the near future! :-)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Winning in every sense of the word! Congratulations Remi!

On May 14, 2011 we were blessed to see my beautiful neice walk across the stage and receive a dual degree in Biology and Psychology from Winston Salem University. She not only graduated, she graduated with honors Magna Cum Laude.

I know it was bittersweet for her on November 16, 2005 because we were to celebrate her birthday but instead she turned to me and said "did grandma have to go on my birthday Auntie." I hope she understands that God has used her to show that it was not in vain. Grandma worked so hard so that one day the future generations would not have to. She wanted so much for us to have more and be more. So when you walked across the stage it was not only de ja vu. It was so much more significant because you did what was expected, you did even better than the generations that came before you.

Remi I am so proud of your marvelous determination and efforts. I could not be happier to say you brought forth a Victory that was long overdue making Grandma so proud. You won baby girl in so many ways and we are all so very proud of you! Keep shining your light and continue to win in every sense of the word.