Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stay by Tyrese in stores 11-1-11...See Exclusive photos!!!!

I am very excited to see Tyrese continuing to promote the healing process of real life issues. It's wonderful how they show that "black love is a beautiful thing." You see although the video starts off with Taraji being totally upset by Tyrese being self absorbed. He realizes that his relationship is what is important. He starts off a little harsh in his response but soon realizes she is not playing and he shows he really wants his relationship to work.

Check out the video here on how he seals the deal: STAY- TYRESE~VIDEO

Tyrese shares this heartfelt quote:

"The man above has been expanding my territories into many different amazing things. But rest assured, that my FIRST and ONLY LOVE is still MUSIC. I’ve read your letters, tweets, Facebook, MySpace and emails. I’ve listened to your voice mails and more importantly, I’ve run into you in person and you’ve all wanted me to do it again. So, come 11.1.11, my new album “OPEN INVITATION” will be launched globally for you to listen and feel my heart & soul that I put into the album....."

This is a beautiful song that will hit the stores on 11-1-11. It is so important that we support Tyrese in his efforts as he launches "Stay" on his independent label Voltron Recordz.

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