Saturday, February 19, 2011

But God! And only God can lead us!

As I have been praying about some things this month, I have been led to praising God for his goodness. You see no man can make me or my descendants great. Only God can take us to where he is leading us. No one on this earth can give us what God can. If there are people out there believing I will follow the paparazzi, then you are more full of yourselves than I thought. I am not following God for anybodys pleasure. I am following God because I love God.

My endurance is for the greater one who lives within me and will never be for man. I am raising children to serve God. They are not in any one's clicks and I am not raising them to criticize or put other people down. I teach them that there is only one greater and he is the alpha and the omega, he is the great I am.

You see I understand that I am nothing without Christ. I understand that everything that I have and my entire being is created and has been able to be through Christ. I know what it is to be with and without. I have seperated myself from a love of earthly things and been willing to do without to rid myself of this flesh. I also know that when the absolute blessing comes it comes from God and God only. Man is but a vessel, it is God who is the GREAT I AM!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm simply not a pretender

I have had two trying incidents this month. The most disturbing was taking my son to the dentist. My children have the most amazing dental facility in the south. Yet a new dentist was hired. She is normally a general dentist and it shows. I am very careful to align my children with people of God as often as I can and you can see their normal dentist has a heart after God. I seek out pediatricians because I know they usually have a heart for children. You see their joy is very important to me.

My son was being prodded and stuck by needles and as he was squirming he began to moan. Well the dentist proceeded to advise him she thinks "he just likes to moan." Anyone who knows me knows I believe children are little people. I believe at a certain age they are mature and intelligent enough to tell you when they are hurting and this particular child is highly intelligent. He does not complain often and so when he speaks...... I know to take heed. I took time to breathe and then I said " he knows when he is in pain, he is not a child that just moans without reason." She then proceeded to advise me why he should not be in pain.

I then understood it was her issue not my sons at all. I reported my concerns to management and moved on. I thought God you have to be moving on my behalf in the spirit realm because it is without fail, whenever you begin to move Satan loses his mind. I have to rejoice when things get out of the calm.

My next trial was the library. I was purchasing inexpensive books for my library collection but they were books I had in my wish list......and only God knew I wanted one book in particular and of course books for home school. As I was making the purchase the young lady rang my total as they always have. However, I could see the unrest in the lady next to her. Finally she said "oh, those books are oversized and she should be charged double. It was not the cost, for had she simply asked for a donation she would have recieved much more, for one book was worth more than the cost of all. It was simply the manner in which it was handled. She simply could not stomach the blessing.

I showed her I did have 2 oversized books and was charged for such. She proceeded to show the lady the standard books and said standard really means the small books and showed her a romance novel. If it meant small books the sign should indicate that. If she had to describe it as such she knew the sign or her explanation was inaccurate. If I had not bought the books at other branches I may have overlooked it. I simply replied "and you wonder why your systems are failing." I really had one of those father forgive me moments. She turned red. However, it just really makes you wonder why some people can not honor what they have in writing.

Since I have been in the south all I have heard is "that is just the way it is" and they pretend that all is well. My response is basically that it is just not the way it is going to be. There is a God who blesses us and the enemy does not want to see us blessed. We have a certain authority in the earth realm and as long as I have breath in this body it will not be acceptable to me. I know it is important to choose my battles carefully, but I am learning that you can not always take the comfortable route. I must say I am not good at being the great pretender!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It just gets better and better! God is Great!

Yesterday just got better and better! As I entered the day, I was overcoming my physical challenges I faced Sunday, my body was completely healed and restored. Then my children came home with their reports! Victor said "Mommy can I go to 2nd grade next year?" he was still a little concerned about his teacher telling him he could not move forward last year. I said "Mommy will not allow any Devil to ever hold you back, God will always take excellent care of you." He just smiled knowing God's got me!

It continued to get better because Mikey came in with his honor roll report card...... straight B's and he was too excited about achieving honor roll. My daughter Taylor strolled in and said "Mom I made it.....I got straight A's!" That was enough to make any Mommy say "Yes!"

But God did not stop there, shortly thereafter, I opened one letter that came in the mail with a Valentines Day gift of $100.00 from my family. Then my darling husband came home and said here is your new phone! So needless to say Valentines Day....which is not even here yet has been quite fruitful. I truly give God all the glory and thank the vessels he used to make my Monday a truly special day filled with joy! It is such a pleasure to start the week off right! Thank God his grace and mercy are simply new every day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

It never fails!

In my effort to be totally patient and wait on God I lost patience, I made a blooper and prematurely moved. Recently I took a job offer that conflicts with my ability to go to church. In the past, I would not have accepted but I thought well it's for the greater good of others. However, I still believe God will always work it out for my good as he knows my heart. I was on my "but Lord there is so much for me to do. How can I be a blessing if I am sitting back waiting for it to happen?"

It is in those moments we realize we have to follow Proverbs 3:5 "Lean not to (my) own understanding in all my ways acknowledge (God) and he will direct (my) path." It is now obvious to me that God is showing me he doesn't need me to make things happen....He does an Excellent job all on his own!:-)

First there was a physical toll on my body and then one of the opportunities for the Victor Foundation that I was so waiting on conflicted with my schedule. However, delay is not denial. Learn from my mistake and let's keep it moving saints for there is work to be done!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Proceed like the Ant!

In my quiet time and my season alone. I have been asking God how to prooceed and his answer was to proceed like the ants. As I went about my daily routines I have been doing just that and I must say what a blessing it has been. You see it does not matter how much money you make. It matters what you do with the money you make. My heart has always been to give God what is Gods first and proceed from there.

My mother taught us early that the tithe belongs to God. When I would go to church she would give me $20.00 bills and say put it in the plate. Somehow that peaked generosity in my heart and I had always been a tither. It must be why it was such a battle in my home. It was what came easy to me and the enemy fought me on every opportunity.

However, outside of the tithe the investments we make into our family and homes is a significant portion of whether we will have or not have. This year I was once again blessed to proceed like the ant. I enjoyed Target, the Gap and other major store sales. I bought entire dish sets for $3.54 and coats for $4.98 and clothes as low as .98 cents. It was a true blessing but as I looked at what I would have spent it was an absolute blessing and God always had me at the right place at the right time. So be wise, be vigiliant and proceed like the ant!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A young man of honor, because wisdom outweighs them all!

Recently my son had his outing amongst "friends". They decided to hang out at the mall. During this time my son was approached by someone from facebook. The young man had 10 other guys wth him. Apparently my son has connected with many of his friends around the states and has a pretty good number of friends. This young man was apparently annoyed by my son, but my son had no idea who he was.

He told my son he wanted to fight him. My son replied "I don't think so." He said "there are 10 of you and 3 of us." He said "he's thinking who are you?" Nevertheless, he said "'I'm not going to put myself or my friends at risk with those odds and for what?" He told the guy "it's not going to happen and walked away." As the saying goes those who walk away..... live to see another day!

I was very honored that my son had enough sense not to belittle himself or his friends by acting like a raggamuffin in the mall. Society teaches them fighting makes them a man. We teach them to use their mind not their fists and I am grateful he had the wisdom to know the difference.

He could have fought this young man and chances are he and his boys still would have won. However, what was the reward? I am not raising young men to be strong in the hood. I am interested in raising leaders who will be strong in their community.

He said shortly thereafter a young man he would have never expected to spread rumors told everyone he walked away and therefore lost and even altered the story. I said "no you won, you chose to control the situation and not let the situation control you." I reminded him to simply count it all joy! There is nothing under the sun that God does not see.

I am excited this day because I am rejoicing because what I hear my son say often is that "when I get married my wife will never have to work and she will have a maid." I am excited that he has a heart to love and honor his future wife, family and his friends and that he is honorable enough to discern at an early age. So this day I rejoice and give God the absolute glory that my son is walking in honor.