Monday, August 29, 2011

Feeling like I've been on the Battlefield

As I entered the week I heard God whisper "I did not send you to make others comfortable." It is not a time for comfort it is a time for change. He reminded me that when others are feeling discomfort it is such a time as this that is at hand. We can't love the creations and forget to love the creator and what he has created which is most important to God is the people.

It is time to prepare like the ants because time is at hand. I have spent time just preparing for the days ahead. It is important that we remember each other in prayer. Remember you are your brother's and sister's keepers.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Out with the old and in with the new!

It never fails the minute I mention I want to change something the enemy launches an attack. I recently evaluated how much we were spending on gas which is $500.00 a month and realized a hybrid would truly be more economical. Although I truly wanted to avoid a car payment and still do. I must do what is wiser for my family in order to save long term. My mom taught us it is always better to own your vehicle free and clear because "as long as you have no title, you have no ownership."

So as I make all these lifestyle changes "I figure...... out with old and in with the new."

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Really moved by your thoughtfulness

As this school year approcahes I have been totally out of it recovering from a rigorous summer. I have been blessed by a sister in Christ who has been like an exercise coach and nutitionist to me. As I struggled with swelling and weight gain. She has helped me choose and take excercise classes and reevaluate my eating habits to get back on course. As we get older it is so true that the weight loss process does truly get tougher. However, it has been a matter of learning what the fat burning foods are rather than eating just for survival. As I stated I felt eating was for necessity as a child and when I got married eating for pleasure occurred......because my husband is an excellent cook. However, the time has come where eating wisely is more important for me now.

The main reason I decided to write this article was to thank the kind people who are truly the village in my life. My church gave my son a going back to school bin filled with college supplies, my children's summer camp gave them back to school back packs filled with supplies and my sister and a neighbor came with backpacks for the 14 year old and 17 year old. Normally I have all their supplies pretty much ready. However, we were so consumed with keeping our promise to our 14 year old to get him to his friends premiere in Ohio, which we accomplished and truly enjoyed by the grace of God we made it. We had to keep our promise to my daughter to get her through her process of being enrolled in a christian school and the school supplies unconsciously became the least of my concerns.

Isn't God just amazing how he takes care of his children. I normally buy a closet full of supplies, but this year I felt peace that they would have what they need. And just as God always has he truly supplied our every need. Thank you to all the vessels that keep me humble and keep me knowing it truly is the village that makes it happen! :-)

Boys play games...Men take Responsibility and show you RESPECT

As I look out on the young ladies today, I often think about the song...... "No Pain, No Gain." As she stated there is a time for everything ........she said "be a cook in the kitchen, a lady in the streets, you can't show your stuff to every guy you's alright to be a little a sweet, be a Momma with the kids and you know what in the sheets...No Pain, No Gain...." Although it's a little much. It is right on point. We have many roles and many hats to wear and we have to know when to wear them. If it was one thing Mom taught me it was how to be a lady despite what anyone else was doing.

In some ways there are times when we have to adjust our lifestyle to the mess we create, but there is still a time for everything. I have learned that people are going to come and then they are going to go. It is best they leave when it is their time to go or you create an even worst problem in the end. One man's junk is a another man's treasure. If he can not bring out the best in you and you in him it maybe best to move on. As the Bible states there is no guarantee that you will change them.

Sometimes we endure for the greater good but if the situation is making you someone you are not and allowing you to lose your self respect, then you have to ask yourself is it really worth it? We always have to evaluate who our decisions will effect and of course make sure it is worth the loss for all involved. I often heard "you need to save yourself in my marriage." However, I knew he needed saving as much as I did. We were so young and we both came from similar backgrounds, therefore, I was more accepting and tolerant and so was he. However he always showed me respect in ways one could expect and he was there through the pregnancy and the delivery of each of his children and although we had to work on the stable job. He was willing to make the necessary changes and work three jobs to support his family.

What I am basically saying is we have to truly evaluate what we want long term; especially when we are making adult decisions that are going to effect us for the rest of our lives. We all get weary in marriage and we either press on or we walk away. My recommendation for you young girls is to evaluate whether you want to be in your situation for most or the rest of your life? You are not insecure when a lack of peace arises. You have to be willing to evaluate why those feelings came about. Unless there is something you have done to trigger that insecurity your insides are crying out to you for a reason. God truly equipped women with intuition so follow your insides.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If you can't reach them look within

It amazes me the number of people who approach me in Christ that expect you to respond to gossip. There are children dying, and people hurting who are seeking a better life. Yet we turn them away everyday because the dollar is so mighty in our sight. Is it really about winning them to Christ? Please don't be offended if I tell you I don't have time for the foolishness. I have worked for Judges who were more humble than the average man I meet who believes they are better than those who are hurting.

God said "How can you say you love me?" 1 John 4:20...when you basically can't love the flesh I have created that stands before you....Our pride makes us believe we can not reach them because there's something wrong with them. However, it's time to look within. God is more concerned about the people than he is about "the stuff" because you can't take the stuff with you. Wake up before we lose a generation that belongs to Christ!

Matthew 17-20 This scripture is normally referenced to the person who is struggling with their unbelief but it was the disciples that Christ was rebuking about their unbelief. We have to take more responsibility as Disciples of Christ. Be the light you were created to be!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

London Riots hit home!

My heart goes out to those in London ( I have family there so it hits home.) I knew a time would come. As I listened to Darcus Howe being interviewed about how authorities are going after young black men. I understood their frustrations, while I am saddened that the events have taken such a turn. How long do people believe young African American males will be able to accept the obvious mistreatments they face each day?

My children are so sheltered but I decided to allow my son to take the UNC bus recently to the college to allow him to grow up, he was attending a meeting with his ELMP family. He had an awesome time among friends. However, my son was so hurt when he came home and revealed that when he asked the driver if he was on the right bus he was repeatedly ignored. He finally got off the bus because he did not want to lose more time going in the wrong direction.

He kept saying Mom "why wouldn't he answer me?" I thought baby in our society that is just the beginning. He is so use to me demanding an answer, that he does not realize we face it as women too just not so publicly. He was truly broken hearted. I told him if he really wanted to do something about it, don't be sad call his supervisor. The reality is we lose African American men everyday over senseless ignorance and things that can be avoided. The difference is in London they have finally said enough is enough. This father of four Mark Duggan did not have to die. I hope this will make the world reevaluate how you treat God's children this day because they do belong to God.

Excited about my miracles!

I took the time to post on Facebook that Tuesday my sister was the vessel that called with a natural remedy. She advised me to wrap my foot in a paper bag that had been soaked in vinegar. I spent time thanking God for my healing that day. On Wednesday early I awoke and there was still pain. I laid back down and the second time I arose the pain was gone! Isn't it just amazing what God has done! I Am the Healed! I went to church and I walked and I praised God and all is well!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm fighting and believing to the end! Our miracles are here!

This week has been quite fun, yet challenging. Anything that could have come against me has. However, I have found that in the face of trauma there is always VICTORY! I have been advised family members have been hospitalized with cancer and other illnesses but I continue to know there is nothing too hard for my God. As I woke up this morning I could not walk on my foot. It was as if I was walking on knives. I heard something pop when I was receiving a foot massage and I overlooked it recently. However, as I realized I was in true pain I thought God I will continue to believe you. As I step out in faith knowing that God will meet every need.

As my children return to school to register, they faced classes being closed and I was upset that they were not on campus at 7:30 am to register. However, I trust that God will open doors no man can shut. I trust God to heal my foot so that I may keep it moving. Most of all I trust that God will meet every financial need for my children as well as the other mother's who have contacted me regarding scholarships. We trust you to do the miraculous Oh God!