Sunday, July 31, 2011

This weekend just keeps getting better and better!

I am excited about the amazing things God is doing. I have to "Be Grateful" for God blessing me through my sister on Saturday. We attended the Carribean Festival at the Metrolina Expo. We could not stay long because I had to get the children to basketball practice but I am grateful for the time I had to share with my big Sister and my children. My sister was such a blessing, she treated her nephews and neice to icees and we took inventory of the festival. She even treated her baby sister to a Pina Colada (no alcohol of course) lol.

It did not stop there, as we went back to the cars, my sister further blessed my daughter with a new curling iron and blow dryer with a comb attachment. I told no one her curling iron had broken just the day before. I said to Taylor "let's get a new one." However, I didn't have time so we were using the flat iron and kept it moving. I know it may seem minor to some but I know God touched my sister's heart with just the right items. I had not taken time to go get the curler or the blow dryer which needed a new comb attachment. My sister came with the exact items she needed. (I had just privately thought okay it's past time to have 2 of everything). She even blessed me with a new cooler on wheels. She didn't know I had returned one 2 weeks ago because my hubby said it was too small for an event.

I had been running for the last few weeks to 4 destinations getting up at 5 am and starting at 6 am every morning until 9 am back and forth across town....... then running errands, managing the household and I was exhausted and swollen by the end of the day...... when the routine had to be repeated. Yet I was just grateful the family was doing exactly what I was praying for.

Therefore, it meant so much to me that my sister didn't say "girl you need to get my neice such and such." No she took it upon herself to discern a need and just met it. I am extremely grateful for people in my life who take time to be a blessing even in what some may see as a little blessing...I see it as so HUGE!

It made me think of the gift of water I received from our overseer of an event I participated in this month. Some would say it was just water? However, it meant so much to me because God knew just what I needed, I had been swelling abnormally again and I basically could not be on my feet long. I was just pushing myself. I had been advised to drink more water but I had "set my need aside again." However, it was the gentle reminder I needed to start drinking more water again. Isn't God "Simply Amazing."

Last but not least my son is enjoying a few days with his ELMP family at Busch Gardens. I am extremely grateful that they give the boys the opportunity to sell raffle tickets to teach them responsibility, it teaches them a skill in approaching people and networking. I was truly excited for my son who had never been out on his own selling raffle tickets. He is very laid back and does not like to have to approach people so this was development for him. He sold some tickets. He paid for part of his own trip and dad matched what he paid. So it was an awesome experience all around. It was an absolute team effort. I am truly happy for him having the opportunity to be among friends and for his time away to celebrate. Thank you friends and family that purchased tickets to support Edwin...and just for the overall support of this family for it is TRULY APPRECIATED! :-)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

If God be for you it doesn't matter who comes against you

In all that I have been through, the one thing I know for sure is that when God is for you it does not matter who or what tries to come against you. I was recently in prayer and I just heard that in my spirit so clearly. I thought you are so right God, what manner of love is this? God has been by my side throughout it all. There were so many miracles. He has shown me that he can touch the hearts of anyone. Sometimes we simply need to pray for them. God has truly been my rock.

I was thinking back on when the road got rocky. It was when I wanted to be in agreement so badly with my husband. It was interesting because growing up it was easy hearing God's leading because Mom would always say "follow your first mind." It is your God mind. You see when God gives you a command he is the original. It is the afterthoughts that are usually not of God. So when you can listen within it is easier. However, when it gets difficult is when you have to agree with one another. You have to evaluate between the two and make a compromise. I had difficulty because I am somewhat bossy and I have been known to be a little spoiled. So it was hard to submit to the thought that it had to be "our way."

Even this morning on my way to drop the children off, I got quiet and I could sense clearly I needed to take another route because we did not leave early as we should. If I had not listened and changed my route I would have missed it and I would not have realized there was a much shorter route. Just seconds before I arrived I said "be ready because your bus is there" to the children and as I pulled up she had arrived and the children had to make it on quickly.

My point is it is important to hear from God because it is God and God alone that will matter most in your times of tribulation and in your every day life. He is the great I Am and when he is the anchor you can't help but win!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Time is short and we know not the hour nor the day

As I was spending time alone with God he answered my questions he said "think of the woman who is married and her husband has been unfaithful." He said "she has not necessarily done anything to suffer at her spouses hand. It helped me better understand my travail and I hope this explanation will help many of you.

As I learned the little girls who had become my great concern and were the center of my mission are now gone. They had to move recently and it sort of saddened my heart. I thought how many times have I allowed myself to miss the timing. I had but a short time to effect change. I was blessed to take them to lunch and take them shopping for their Mother's Day gift but there was so much more I wanted to do. I had plans of buying my daughter a doll house big enough for all of them to have a safe place they could go and just hang out in. I wanted them to know anything they needed would be available to them.

I write this to remind people sometimes we have but a short time to lead someone to Christ. The time we have is definitely not promised. So I have decided to spend more time praising God, giving God the glory and making myself available to every good work.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Excited for the children this week! :-)

One major event to complete the tasks for this month. Excited that all five children are in camp by the grace of God. I believe in keeping my children occupied and I so appeciate the organizations that made it affordable. No idle minds......Just praying my strength in the Lord as I tag all the clothing for the children's event I am involved in this week. It's been awesome helping with different organizations and just being involved in various tasks.

May God bless each and everyone of you with an overflow of His blessings! :-)

Family Fun Day at Victory Christian Center was Outstanding!

When you watch what goes on behind the scenes of an event such as Family Fun Day you just have to be in awe. The creativity and hard work that goes into presenting activities for the members is simply amazing. It was a blessing just to be able to watch and observe the love that goes into the event. The talent of taking wood and turning it into a display of beauty. The team work and effort put into helping each other achieve......the village at work.

Our church has been holding an annual event which began as Sister's Day Out and grew into Sister's and Brothers Day Out and became Family Day Out which was held yesterday at the church. The church is transformed into a beautiful marketplace and just a paradise of relaxation, a prayer room, reading room, a salon & spa. It was just total enjoyment and the food court was simply outstanding. You get to see the gifts and talents of God's people just overflowing. It was an opportunity to see and learn what is important to God's people. It also gave community members a chance to partake and see what God is doing through the church. The vendors and members also received an event guide which highlights the businesses and sponsors of the event.

The children learn to be of service in a major way. Yet all the while still having the opportunity to take time to have fun bowling in the bowling alley, swimming, enjoying the bouncy house, and playing at the playground. The children truly had an amazing time. You just have to give God the absolute glory knowing that he blessed us with Pastor & Mrs. Gool the vessels that blessed us with a day of God's love and a touch of His paradise yesterday.

No Mask!

Some people wonder why I put my struggles out there so openly. I know there are people who have been broken just as I have been. I need them to understand that we overcome. I recently put it out there that I have struggled with fear. I have to overcome, some have addictions, some have a haughty spirit and some are straight deceptive. My huge sin has been fear and a sin is a sin. Since 2006 I have been extremely careful. When you grow up being taught that when you do things by the book everything will work out and it doesn't you feel cheated.

At first it was like God if this is the result of success I didn't want it. God had blessed me with everything I was longing for and within a year Mom was gone and there was pure turbulence. I just wanted to give it all back. The constant trial thereafter truly wore on me. I could not understand it. There were people truly disregarding and disrespecting God. I wanted it to make sense and it would not. Then it finally clicked. It all relates to the word "our works are like filthy rags" it was nothing I did or could do. As people continued to tell me it's like Job I just rebelled. I said I don't want to live Jobs pain. I just want to enjoy my life and the people in it. Or that thorn in your side in time.... you'll be okay because God's grace is sufficient and all the while I was just hoping that no one else would be hurt in all of this. I walked away from fights many times to keep others from getting hurt.

As I sat in church Pastor preached on someone struggling with God's love and I knew that word was for me. I was struggling with whether God's love was the same for me as it was before. I knew that I could still ace tests despite my head injury. Even my 98 was fear I heard clearly to go back and fix an answer but I did not want to mess up.

I know God is still blessing my life, but over the years I was prosperous, protected and so productive. It always seemed upward and I was wondering what did I do to change that. It was as if I felt penalized for every move not perfectly executed. With Mom when you messed up she saw the good in it so you felt on top of the world even if you made a mistake she'd say "there is always more than one way of doing things." Therefore, even if you made a mistake you would eventually master your task. I just didn't feel like I had room for error anymore.

I just became afraid there would be a consequence no matter what I did be it wrong or right. I had even neglected to take job opportunities or participate in writing opportunities because of fear that it would not be as they wanted it. Mainly because I wanted it as God wanted it, I did not want God's message to be altered. If he gave it to me and I allowed someone to water it down or change it to make myself look like the expert that would be a false sense of success for me. No I wanted it to be straight from the heart. The heart is what is important. You can not fix it when you think it isn't broken. So take a look at the broken me but know that when God puts the pieces back together it will be better than it ever was before.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The gift of camp & Giving God the absolute Glory for my 98!

Only God can do it so Big! As I planned my week I said "Lord, I need to take this course so I commit my children back to you." I was filled with anxiety as I heard my class was so hard. I had already booked the 14 year old for an online course at no charge. I figured the smaller children maybe off for a week or two, for they were attending a half day camp but had been off for an unexpected week.

However, I received a phone call on Friday that they had been invited to a full day camp for three weeks at no charge. I was advised I could pay an optional $35.00. I thought optional wow, how kind is that. I thought of course we will. I thought as I enter my days of philanthropy they will all be very, very high on my list.

I am so grateful to the people who take the time to create programs for children and who try to lighten the load. I said "Lord, the time is coming when I will truly be able to donate so BIG and your word said "I will be the lender, not the borrower." So I am putting you in remembrance of your word knowing that you want your children to prosper and be in "good health." Knowing you only want the best for me.

During my class I faced a little anxiety because I did not finish reading the book before class. I thought oh no, I didn't find time to finish and I was up almost all Sunday night. I had already prayed about my hundred. The teacher said "for those of you who read the book I expect a hundred........ for the rest you need at least an 80." I thought oh no, okay Lord I will be happy with a 90. I compromised my position and took my focus off my prayer knowing that I could do all things through Christ and get my 100.

Although I got nervous, I still managed to get it together and when the teacher gave me my grade of 98 I said "God has such an awesome way of showing you not to doubt, yet all the while still showing his love by allowing me the ability to remember enough to get that 98! The joy is I was blessed with a great teacher that taught with the ability to relate everything to everyday life. I really enjoyed going back to college....... thank you to my wonderful husband....... I enjoyed taking some time for me.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Devil you can't have my joy!

Simply grateful for God's leading. As a student of Christ we are always learning. I am growing in the area of tolerance and stopping the Devil from stealing my joy. I have learned it is better for me to communicate by email and text which some people simply hate. However, in my desire to not offend and to juggle all the people in my life I have avoided the phone. Yet when I take the time I do truly enjoy my friends.

Besides lately I have had no choice but to be on the phone. It has actually been a great thing. It has taught me to look a little deeper. You see when you are juggling a husband and five children and trying to handle other matters it can get hectic. As I have shared I never wanted my career or anyone to be competition for my family so I have spent many years secluded to some degree. I have just in the past few years come out and started the process of networking and mingling again.

The reason it is difficult is because I have spoiled my family and when I am on a call they continue to know they are my priority. If I am talking to them and others I tend to juggle the conversations. However, recently I was on the phone with an important call and the person was laughing and excited. However, my family was in front of me speaking of other matters. So as I tried to juggle the two conversations the phone call did not get my proper reactions. On the inside I was rejoicing and smiling but I had to juggle two reactions. I believe the person got off the phone rather disappointed.

I later spoke with her the same week and I was excited about the news she was delivering to me. However, this time she was rather dull and I noticed she had someone in the background talking to her as well.

For the first time I was not moved by this situation. I simply took inventory of the two calls and realized that just like I did not react the way she expected ........neither did she. I realized we both had other things going on. Before I would have been totally messed up wondering had I offended this person. However, this time God simply showed me "Me." He helped me see that I need to stop letting things get to me and stop worrying so much about other people's emotional roller coasters. It is okay if they get upset, they will get over it just as I did and may realize it was not as they may have perceived. I realized people are not as fragile as I seem to think. I was so tired of walking on eggshells with people I simply stopped communicating. That was definitely not a solution.

I am not saying I will be back to myself and staying on the phone as I did before I had a family to care for. However, it has helped me see things from a different perspective. While my family is indeed my priority it is okay to have more "me time" and to give my time to others when necessary.

Monday, July 4, 2011

James 1:3 ....the trying of your faith worketh patience

After many challenges in the area of health in my family the Lord gave me James 1:3. The trying of my faith has definitely strengthened my patience. I have had to overcome a challenge myself physically. Then it seemed to be one illness after another in the family. Many times we just keep it moving knowing on the inside there is nothing too hard for our God. However, on some days we wonder why (because our flesh begins to take control). We ask God how could this be? We know what the word says that by your stripes (Lord) we are already healed.

Yet for some strange reason the enemy has been able to stay in the ring longer than he should. I realize that sometimes that means more fasting, more alone time with our creator. We have to spend more time strengthening our spirit and come from the spirit instead of our natural feelings and flesh. It is simply time to size the enemy up and knock him out of the ring because you win. No more revolving doors. The Lord has shown me while we must be patient we do not have to tolerate illness at all. Isaiah 53:5 says that by his stripes we are healed. That means it is finished, we must take a stand and know it more than anything else.