Wednesday, July 27, 2011

If God be for you it doesn't matter who comes against you

In all that I have been through, the one thing I know for sure is that when God is for you it does not matter who or what tries to come against you. I was recently in prayer and I just heard that in my spirit so clearly. I thought you are so right God, what manner of love is this? God has been by my side throughout it all. There were so many miracles. He has shown me that he can touch the hearts of anyone. Sometimes we simply need to pray for them. God has truly been my rock.

I was thinking back on when the road got rocky. It was when I wanted to be in agreement so badly with my husband. It was interesting because growing up it was easy hearing God's leading because Mom would always say "follow your first mind." It is your God mind. You see when God gives you a command he is the original. It is the afterthoughts that are usually not of God. So when you can listen within it is easier. However, when it gets difficult is when you have to agree with one another. You have to evaluate between the two and make a compromise. I had difficulty because I am somewhat bossy and I have been known to be a little spoiled. So it was hard to submit to the thought that it had to be "our way."

Even this morning on my way to drop the children off, I got quiet and I could sense clearly I needed to take another route because we did not leave early as we should. If I had not listened and changed my route I would have missed it and I would not have realized there was a much shorter route. Just seconds before I arrived I said "be ready because your bus is there" to the children and as I pulled up she had arrived and the children had to make it on quickly.

My point is it is important to hear from God because it is God and God alone that will matter most in your times of tribulation and in your every day life. He is the great I Am and when he is the anchor you can't help but win!

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