Thursday, September 18, 2014

A witness I am called to be....

I don't often share my testimony because I feel like there is always someone ready to attack. Whether it be the atheist who told me I give God too much credit. Or the Christian who feels a need to disect it. My purpose is to give God the glory. So what I am really saying is my testimony is not for you if you find fault in it. It was given to give God the glory and bless those he blessed me to share a word with.

It is God and God alone. I am thankful for every heart he touches. I truly don't take it lightly when I say I am so grateful for people who are truly used by God. I was astonished recently when I realized some people still truly have a true love walk. I don't ever want to put them in a position to compromise their genuine love walk so I won't say too much.

I certainly don't want to make God jealous so I  am very careful to gear my gratitude to our heavenly Father.

I just pray that my testimonies are just what God would have them to be. I just want to say I stood on John 14.  God truly showed up, He has always been my Strong Tower and the one I turn to in my need. He has never failed me yet and I am expecting the miraculous and Great and Mighty things to occur. Be blessed.