Monday, July 25, 2011

Time is short and we know not the hour nor the day

As I was spending time alone with God he answered my questions he said "think of the woman who is married and her husband has been unfaithful." He said "she has not necessarily done anything to suffer at her spouses hand. It helped me better understand my travail and I hope this explanation will help many of you.

As I learned the little girls who had become my great concern and were the center of my mission are now gone. They had to move recently and it sort of saddened my heart. I thought how many times have I allowed myself to miss the timing. I had but a short time to effect change. I was blessed to take them to lunch and take them shopping for their Mother's Day gift but there was so much more I wanted to do. I had plans of buying my daughter a doll house big enough for all of them to have a safe place they could go and just hang out in. I wanted them to know anything they needed would be available to them.

I write this to remind people sometimes we have but a short time to lead someone to Christ. The time we have is definitely not promised. So I have decided to spend more time praising God, giving God the glory and making myself available to every good work.

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