Thursday, August 11, 2011

London Riots hit home!

My heart goes out to those in London ( I have family there so it hits home.) I knew a time would come. As I listened to Darcus Howe being interviewed about how authorities are going after young black men. I understood their frustrations, while I am saddened that the events have taken such a turn. How long do people believe young African American males will be able to accept the obvious mistreatments they face each day?

My children are so sheltered but I decided to allow my son to take the UNC bus recently to the college to allow him to grow up, he was attending a meeting with his ELMP family. He had an awesome time among friends. However, my son was so hurt when he came home and revealed that when he asked the driver if he was on the right bus he was repeatedly ignored. He finally got off the bus because he did not want to lose more time going in the wrong direction.

He kept saying Mom "why wouldn't he answer me?" I thought baby in our society that is just the beginning. He is so use to me demanding an answer, that he does not realize we face it as women too just not so publicly. He was truly broken hearted. I told him if he really wanted to do something about it, don't be sad call his supervisor. The reality is we lose African American men everyday over senseless ignorance and things that can be avoided. The difference is in London they have finally said enough is enough. This father of four Mark Duggan did not have to die. I hope this will make the world reevaluate how you treat God's children this day because they do belong to God.

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