Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stop trying to absolve ourselves of being the Village

Mom once said the church can be a wonderful place "But don't let the church turn you into no fool" and what she was saying is still follow your insides for some will tell you what to do and turn around and say you should not be saying or doing that.

I have learned it is important to sometimes step out of your surroundings when things are not working and get clarity of mind. Attending the Brunch and Blessings recently helped me clarify many things.

What was amazing was what Susan Taylor was saying lined up so perfectly with my own circumstances I could totally relate. When she preached about the force pulling her into the back of the church and her coming to an understanding that she was able to create anything she could see or imagine and that we are the little g's, we are God's hands and feet in this earth. How coming from a catholic background that sounded like blasphemy. I came from a Catholic University so I could some what relate. I could relate when she said seemed like only the Nuns and Pastors had a direct line to God and yet so do we.

I could relate to her saying that it is hard to advocate for yourself but that it is our responsibility to help others once we take care of ourselves. As she testified about getting to that quiet place and the Holy Spirit guiding her to call and ask how she could use her gifts and that she received a 40 percent increase. I thought of becoming a court reporter and how miraculous it was how God blessed me with the greatest opportunity in an unconventional way. My increase was $30.00 an hour. It was amazing how God blessed my life.

What I loved about her message was she was so humble and for once in the south I was not hearing people trying to absolve themselves of the responsibility of being the village. She was not pointing the finger at the oppressed and saying "woman you have the issue of blood because of your unbelief." No it was as if she was imitating Jesus when she said it is not that you are lazy, but you must pull yourself up and realize that you are the blessing. What I heard her saying in summary was you come from great Kings and Queens and you must regain ground and save our children.

Susan Taylor pointed out that we are obviously capable because we can raise $25,000 for the Pastor's anniversary. She just said our priorities are out of place because we have children in school with no books. It is obvious we are a capable people but we must gain control of our mind for that is where the battling is taking place in our communities.

So please let us all stop the finger pointing and the division. Don't tell a sister it is the people in her life that she must change. Then tell the brother he is doing great, but telling the sister he is not. Then tell them it is their fault. We must all take responsibility for where we are as a people. No you may not have caused the problem, but we are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution. The bottom line is we must be the solution that we want to see. Let the division end and the unity begin.

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