Sunday, July 31, 2011

This weekend just keeps getting better and better!

I am excited about the amazing things God is doing. I have to "Be Grateful" for God blessing me through my sister on Saturday. We attended the Carribean Festival at the Metrolina Expo. We could not stay long because I had to get the children to basketball practice but I am grateful for the time I had to share with my big Sister and my children. My sister was such a blessing, she treated her nephews and neice to icees and we took inventory of the festival. She even treated her baby sister to a Pina Colada (no alcohol of course) lol.

It did not stop there, as we went back to the cars, my sister further blessed my daughter with a new curling iron and blow dryer with a comb attachment. I told no one her curling iron had broken just the day before. I said to Taylor "let's get a new one." However, I didn't have time so we were using the flat iron and kept it moving. I know it may seem minor to some but I know God touched my sister's heart with just the right items. I had not taken time to go get the curler or the blow dryer which needed a new comb attachment. My sister came with the exact items she needed. (I had just privately thought okay it's past time to have 2 of everything). She even blessed me with a new cooler on wheels. She didn't know I had returned one 2 weeks ago because my hubby said it was too small for an event.

I had been running for the last few weeks to 4 destinations getting up at 5 am and starting at 6 am every morning until 9 am back and forth across town....... then running errands, managing the household and I was exhausted and swollen by the end of the day...... when the routine had to be repeated. Yet I was just grateful the family was doing exactly what I was praying for.

Therefore, it meant so much to me that my sister didn't say "girl you need to get my neice such and such." No she took it upon herself to discern a need and just met it. I am extremely grateful for people in my life who take time to be a blessing even in what some may see as a little blessing...I see it as so HUGE!

It made me think of the gift of water I received from our overseer of an event I participated in this month. Some would say it was just water? However, it meant so much to me because God knew just what I needed, I had been swelling abnormally again and I basically could not be on my feet long. I was just pushing myself. I had been advised to drink more water but I had "set my need aside again." However, it was the gentle reminder I needed to start drinking more water again. Isn't God "Simply Amazing."

Last but not least my son is enjoying a few days with his ELMP family at Busch Gardens. I am extremely grateful that they give the boys the opportunity to sell raffle tickets to teach them responsibility, it teaches them a skill in approaching people and networking. I was truly excited for my son who had never been out on his own selling raffle tickets. He is very laid back and does not like to have to approach people so this was development for him. He sold some tickets. He paid for part of his own trip and dad matched what he paid. So it was an awesome experience all around. It was an absolute team effort. I am truly happy for him having the opportunity to be among friends and for his time away to celebrate. Thank you friends and family that purchased tickets to support Edwin...and just for the overall support of this family for it is TRULY APPRECIATED! :-)

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