Saturday, June 25, 2011

God's Grace and Mercy are Incredible!

As I was going through my "Lord, just so tired of people trying to take advantage of our kindness mode." I realized it truly "was not as bad as Christ's pain"... by reading Sis LaTanya 's blog or the "holocaust" reading Brother Andrew's post. So now that I have had my pity party "I am bouncing back" as Pastor Paula posted. Isn't it amazing how God can use people all over the nation to minister to your needs.

To top it all off, I had just thrown out furniture and decided to clear out space for the new. My husband and I stopped to see an old friend. This is a friend my husband encouraged to open a business and God is just blessing. Since my husband is a master visual merchandiser, he volunteered his time to help a friend and I pitched in where I could. As we were heading out and were about to purchase a dresser to support this friend's business. The owner said "no way after all you did." "No charge!" It reminded me there are good people out there who truly have appreciative hearts and that do deserve the goodness you try to share.

The weekend only got better because my husband went to work and was given a really nice t.v. stand there again at "No Charge" that matched the book shelf we just bought the children recently. So I must say that while I am a brat at times, I am grateful that God loves me as he does and just continues to bless my family despite my tantrum. It's so good that his Grace and Mercy are new every day! So I will learn to extend the same to my fellow people as I continue to learn their ways.

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