Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Giving God the Absolute Glory

I wanted to wait to discuss Thanksgiving as we need to be thankful at all times. We enjoyed the presence of family coming together and it was amazing to see how the children had grown and how they appreciated seeing one another. I love it when people come together and can appreciate one another's absence at anytime because it makes you realize how precious life is and how it can change at any moment. I truly appreciated the celebrations of life for rap artist Heavy D. I believe it further helped people realize life is not promised and that we should cherish those we love or even take for granted.

I thoroughly enjoyed observing others this holiday season and it certainly gave me a greater appreciation. The celebration for me simply was not about food. As I ended the holiday my prayer to God was simply have your way Lord. I want to be in His total will. So as I grieve the loss of things and people, I celebrate the new life and new things He has given to us as we watch old things pass away and all things becoming new. Thanking and praising the Almighty God for new life and new beginnings!

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