Thursday, March 26, 2015

God said "It's not what you did...It is what you have"

You know I keep my circle very small. I seldom allow people in my space because I don't have enough time for drama, but God has a way of forcing change sometimes. I am working on raising champions and leaving a legacy behind. However, every now and again I have been forced to change. I always resist because I like peace and prefer to only change for actual growth. I was very careful not to offend a recent person we encountered on this journey. However, this person was the type who holds on to things and so I made it my business to stay out of their way because I have seen it so many times before. The type of person who feels they always know "what someone else's motives are and must find a problem" and they think they have an A personality and that everyone else is beneath them but they smile and try to hide their own flaws. They walk around with a mask and deep down inside they're in more turmoil than you can imagine but because they have titles that they believe make them more christian and therefore more loved. It felt like high school drama all over again, thank God I didn't engage not even then.

I had to smile because I remember being like that to some degree, truly believing I am God's favorite and not realizing that we are all flawed and loved by Christ for different reasons. I remember looking down on others and saying why don't they just go to college and get a career? And then I lived long enough to understand why God loves the Jacobs, the Joseph's and those who struggle because those are the people he came to help.

I always smile at my husband because although we are both flawed he never just overlooks anyone in need. He truly does have an unconditional love towards people. He is always trying to help others, he is a carpenter like Jesus was and he believes everyone deserves a chance to be saved. SO getting back to my point, I asked God to take this cup from me and remove certain people from my life because I said this person will be a distraction. Seeking drama and attention that I don't have time to give. I was selfish in some ways. God finally said to me "it's not what you did, it is what you have that truly hurts her." Some people are hurting because they were not blessed with what you see as the little things they long for.

You see just like God reveals things to Pastors and ministers he reveals things to the "little people too". Sometimes God is not always sending them into your life to bless you as they think, Sometimes he is sending you into their lives to be a Blessing to them too. As time progressed I was listening to TD Jakes and God further confirmed that darts are being thrown and sometimes you just have to duck and stay on your mission. Sometimes you have to navigate the haters and be on your way and simply love them where they are.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

To My Young Beautiful Sisters! Our sacrifice is not in vain.......

To My young Beautiful Sisters! Please don't get discouraged. If you are sacrificing for your children it is worth the sacrifice with every generation we should be doing better. I can remember when I was a teen and I wanted to be in the kitchen and work the jobs my Mom worked she said "Baby, I do these things so you won't have to." ‪#‎twotothreejobs‬
I understood that day that I had to finish college and make her proud. She said "You get your education because that is something they can never take from you." So when I was in college with one on my hip and one in my belly, I knew I had to finish." My water broke..... I gave birth and I was back in that college seat taking my final because I knew the sacrifices my mother and the generations before me had made." I say this as a reminder to my young sisters sacrificing that it is not in vain!‪#‎getthemthebestpossibleeducation‬ ‪#‎teachthemtoowntheirown‬‪#‎wesacrificed‬
As I talk to Justice I remind him. I took a whole lot of time off to see to it that you could get a good education and get to college.Your Dad worked some places he did not want to. I took a lot of hits to my own career, it's because I expect this generation to break the back of poverty so that our children's children can be blessed. ‪#‎keeppressingyoungqueen‬‪#‎sometimeswehavetoslaveforthem‬ ‪#‎butitsnotforever‬ ‪#‎justgrateful‬‪#‎ihadamotherwhosacrificedforme‬
I know those new cars look good but it's nothing like knowing your children are on top of their game!!!!! ‪#‎helpthembethebesttheycanbe‬

Saturday, March 14, 2015

If Jesus carried on like some of us...Dear Pharisees ......"we surely would not be saved!"

I had to reflect on the goodness of God this week and just chuckle because if Jesus carried on the way some of us do nobody would get saved. Why go to church if you are catching the same hell you catch in the world?  It was such a relief in church to just enjoy a time with friends and family. It took me back to when I was a child and as I mentioned before church was some of the best times of my life because we had such an awesome youth group and pastor. We would meet at church every Wednesday and just have fun and get to know one another. We would do ceramics every Wednesday or we would go and play pool or we would be off on a retreat ice skating or at a cabin somewhere. It was not about money for sure it was just very therapeutic and a true healing.

I have never forgotten how wonderful our church was. It was what made me remember the importance of the gathering of the saints. It is what makes me want my children to know that there are truly Godly people who love people. I really hope people get it that the church is truly a hospital where people come to get better not a place that should excuse it's behavior and act like the world. We simply know better so we should do better. There is a whole group of young people just waiting to be ministered to as soon as some of us recognize the opportunities being missed and realize it really isn't about you. It really is about the generation that is coming to take your place, we need to make them stronger and better than we ever were!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Momma was always right....but I know the battle is the Lords!

I found my mothers final words rather surreal. She said "I raised you and I know your character. I know that there will be people who you really love who are going to make accusations against you. They will accuse you of the very things they have done to you. I am sometimes sorry I raised you to be so kind. I know you will not fight back like your sister. You are going to take it and be hurt." I laughed at the time and said "Momma, I don't have to fight anyone because God fights my battles." She was absolutely right and the accusations that hurt the most are from those I love the most." I find it so ironic though that manifestations are just as Mom said it would be, the very wrong that was done to me is that which I have been accused of.

I have learned to just keep my eyes on the fact that God promised me my latter will be better than my beginning and that he will prune away those who don't belong in my life. I have been pretty good about not holding on to people and although it sometimes saddens my heart to let go. I recognize everyone is not meant to stay on the journey and that they are only there for a season so from time to time I must let go. I am grateful to God for his goodness in my life.Therefore, I will continue to allow God to fight my battles because it belongs to God. I simply say as always out with the old and in with the new. I always pray like Jesus did "Lord take this cup from me unless it be thy will."

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Luke 19-24 ..."the enemy wishes to sift you like wheat"

As I was going through some things this month, I wanted to walk away from everything and everybody. I was wondering Lord why is it that the enemy can be so welcoming and yet we as Christians can stand by and watch disaster unfold? So I was allowed to enter the Lions Den. I realized when I had entered I was in the wrong place. I recognized Satan's devices, we can become comfortable and be desensitized to what we are doing because they have what we want.

I am a person of research, however, I failed to do my research. As more and more unfolded I realized this is not of God. However, my Momma taught us that you should finish whatever you start. I listened, I learned and I am always grateful for every opportunity to learn. However, I could just hear the voice of the Lord "He wants to sift you like wheat and you belong to me."

I have to apologize for co-signing on something I did not research properly. However, this is the second time I received the message that the enemy wants to sift me like wheat and therefore, I hear you God loud and clear. I know my Blessings can only come from you God!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Girl's Day Out

       Sometimes we need to devote our time to the one's we love. I really feel that I am in that season. I spent Saturday with my daughter and I can honestly say that for the first time in a long time, I so enjoyed the time away from the world. I had been feeling a need to just spend time with my husband and also my daughter. I felt a little guilty for not including the boys but rarely do I not take them along.  I really had a wonderful girls Saturday, we went to see Annie together. Thank God for Cinemark because I don't always get a chance to see films as soon as they come out. However, I promised her I would take her to see Annie for her birthday and they were the closest listing that still had it available. It was something magical about the compassion of this film. It was amazing how something just came alive on the inside of me and just watching my daughter smile was amazing.

      I remember being a little girl and just enjoying that movie so when my Mom took me to see it. I loved being able to spend some girl time with my daughter. Somehow when there is a house full of boys you can tend to forget the need for girl time. Therefore, I thank God for opening up my eyes so that I could see this was a new season for us, a time to let go of some responsibilities and spend time with those we love. We need to take time for those who grow up so quickly. These moments are only for a day from time to time but they are worth cherishing.

"Me My Four and No More"....My Blessings come from God!

        I grew up around people in the church who wanted to celebrate those around them. I always wanted to surround my children around people like that. I recognize that people wear masks all the time and therefore, if given space you can see people for what they really are. Sometimes you can sense when people are not truly happy for you. When certain decrees come forth and suddenly they have a sullen attitude and they are always trying to create discord be aware of their hearts. I tend to withdraw from people like that and simply pray for them.

       There are certain examples that I want for my children, certain types of women I want to be a role model for my daughter. Not ones that plant seeds of doubt, I want to teach her to want to see everyone around her blessed. I want her to realize the Blessings are not for me my four and no more. That is rare to find people like that to surround your children with. However, I don't take my job as a parent lightly and I don't just want to hear you talk a good talk, I truly want to see you walk that walk.

      Remember that every gift is not given with a good heart and everyone does not truly want to see you blessed. When people start to get the notion that you can only be blessed by their presence in your life be weary. When they believe that only their prayers can be heard by God be weary. Some how they forget that God was hearing your prayers long before you met them and he will hear your prayers long after they leave your life. I truly want people to recognize that my blessings can only come from My Father for it is only God that Blessings truly flow.  We are but mere vessels but test the heart of a man.

     Always recognize that when people feel a need to tolerate you they are not necessarily the vessel for which you should receive your Blessings. Make sure that those who celebrate your life are who you surround yourself with and then and only then will the Blessings truly flow.