Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Grateful to God for a continuous hedge of protection

I am excited because without the trial, how would you know you passed the test? Last week my children and family were under trial and my car under repair. I turned to my son and said "Are you praying before you leave this house? I had sensed he was becoming complacent, his first year in college and priorities can tend to change for some. He is my oldest and he had his first accident.

His moped went in one direction and he went in the other. The light turned red and stopped the flow of traffic right on time and he walked away without a broken bone and so I give God the absolute glory. I imagined how much could have occurred and I was elated he was so protected.

I was having chest pains on and off. Then my baby 9 year old Mikey woke up with his heart racing and he was rushed to the emergency room. They ran all the x-rays and tests and found he just had a mysterious encounter. I would have been in such a panic years ago but I simply prayed and turned it over to the Lord and just knew God would give him a good report.

When raising children there will always be something going on but I am so grateful to God that He is always surrounding them with his goodness and a continuous hedge of protection.

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