Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My husband has been quite honorable!

Just FYI thanks for all the concern but my husband has truly been honorable. The friend was truly a friend of question that made an advance and my husband ignored her. It was a situation that just irritated me. My mother always said misery loves company. I just always thought I had friends who shared my heart about boundaries. There are simply some things you just don't share.i.e. my husband, my toothbrush etc. So sometimes we realize our friends may not be who we think they are and that is okay.

We just have to move on and grow from our experiences. My husband said "you may have calmed down a lot but he simply finds no interest in putting his life at risk." He knows I love but life goes on. You can not control anyone but you. I therefore make it plain it is all or nothing. There is no dipping in my life. You are either true or move on and maybe one day we will meet again. I wish you the best old friend. This chapter of my life is therefore closed.......

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