Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The gift of camp & Giving God the absolute Glory for my 98!

Only God can do it so Big! As I planned my week I said "Lord, I need to take this course so I commit my children back to you." I was filled with anxiety as I heard my class was so hard. I had already booked the 14 year old for an online course at no charge. I figured the smaller children maybe off for a week or two, for they were attending a half day camp but had been off for an unexpected week.

However, I received a phone call on Friday that they had been invited to a full day camp for three weeks at no charge. I was advised I could pay an optional $35.00. I thought optional wow, how kind is that. I thought of course we will. I thought as I enter my days of philanthropy they will all be very, very high on my list.

I am so grateful to the people who take the time to create programs for children and who try to lighten the load. I said "Lord, the time is coming when I will truly be able to donate so BIG and your word said "I will be the lender, not the borrower." So I am putting you in remembrance of your word knowing that you want your children to prosper and be in "good health." Knowing you only want the best for me.

During my class I faced a little anxiety because I did not finish reading the book before class. I thought oh no, I didn't find time to finish and I was up almost all Sunday night. I had already prayed about my hundred. The teacher said "for those of you who read the book I expect a hundred........ for the rest you need at least an 80." I thought oh no, okay Lord I will be happy with a 90. I compromised my position and took my focus off my prayer knowing that I could do all things through Christ and get my 100.

Although I got nervous, I still managed to get it together and when the teacher gave me my grade of 98 I said "God has such an awesome way of showing you not to doubt, yet all the while still showing his love by allowing me the ability to remember enough to get that 98! The joy is I was blessed with a great teacher that taught with the ability to relate everything to everyday life. I really enjoyed going back to college....... thank you to my wonderful husband....... I enjoyed taking some time for me.

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