Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Love becomes perfect with wisdom,,,,, My Dear!

Love is an amazing journey. People think everything is going to be perfect from the start. However, just like everything else it gets perfect with time. You start off coming from 2 totally different mindsets. You have to put up with him as much as he has to put up with you. You learn each other and you find a way to make each other happy once you decide that this is the one for me.

I really had to learn that as a youth because I always seemed to get everything that I wanted and so I lacked discipline and an open mind but Thank God for my Mother's loving heart. She saw the greatness in my husband's love for me and continued to support our love.

Your spouse teaches you in so many ways if you are willing to learn. It was in evaluating the love of ministers that I learned that no one is perfect. Every time I got angry at him for a lost job or whatever we were going through, you know when you get to "I don't need this" and I would pray for my Boaz. It was then that God showed me the Boaz in my mate. He began to realize how important it was for him to become consistent in my life and I realized how important it was for me to be more supportive in his life.

I write this note to help you realize the greatness that you have in the one you love. If you will open up your heart and let him grow and love you like Christ loved the church, your love will pass the test of time. It is when wisdom sets in that you see that the things of this world are fleeting and don't really matter as much as your love for one another. It's the one who not only promises to grow old with you but the one who actually does that loves you unconditionally.