Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Fun Day at Victory Christian Center was Outstanding!

When you watch what goes on behind the scenes of an event such as Family Fun Day you just have to be in awe. The creativity and hard work that goes into presenting activities for the members is simply amazing. It was a blessing just to be able to watch and observe the love that goes into the event. The talent of taking wood and turning it into a display of beauty. The team work and effort put into helping each other achieve......the village at work.

Our church has been holding an annual event which began as Sister's Day Out and grew into Sister's and Brothers Day Out and became Family Day Out which was held yesterday at the church. The church is transformed into a beautiful marketplace and just a paradise of relaxation, a prayer room, reading room, a salon & spa. It was just total enjoyment and the food court was simply outstanding. You get to see the gifts and talents of God's people just overflowing. It was an opportunity to see and learn what is important to God's people. It also gave community members a chance to partake and see what God is doing through the church. The vendors and members also received an event guide which highlights the businesses and sponsors of the event.

The children learn to be of service in a major way. Yet all the while still having the opportunity to take time to have fun bowling in the bowling alley, swimming, enjoying the bouncy house, and playing at the playground. The children truly had an amazing time. You just have to give God the absolute glory knowing that he blessed us with Pastor & Mrs. Gool the vessels that blessed us with a day of God's love and a touch of His paradise yesterday.

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