Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thank you to the children for giving back

I just wanted to say thank you to my children for giving back to their community this year. I was very happy you all have the heart to serve. I watched as you entered my job at Samaritans Purse and you left happy and excited to do more for the children overseas........ you seemed even more excited this year. I watched you as you left for the Salvation Army with Dad to decorate for the families and even your time spent photographing for me for articles and never expecting anything in return. Some how making the cookies for the homeless stood out the most in my mind. As I drove and saw people on benches my heart continues to ache and it makes me realize how much work we have to do in this world.

So I am proud to call you all my children and I pray God opens up more opportunities for you to serve your fellow man across the globe in Jesus name! I hope this helps us all realize how important it is to give your time and your love more than anything else.

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