Thursday, June 2, 2011

So Grateful, Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!

Wow! Today I turn 38 years old and I am so grateful to God for all the love from my husband, children, family and friends and for an amazing school year. I am so grateful for all of you being there for me. I am grateful to my friends who listen by phone, text, articles or Facebook to all my experiences. I am grateful for my church for teaching us the way it should be. I am grateful for my pastor and his wife for being excellent counselors. I am extremely grateful to God for placing all the wonderful people across my path who have been my angels along the way and for even those who bring controversy for without them how can we become strong.

This birthday I look forward to new beginnings, I was once advised you need 3 eights and I said "I have the 8 in my anniversary this year and an 8 in my birthday and I finally found the 3rd 8 in my son turning 18 this year. I am excited about all the wonderful new beginnings that this year has brought forth and I am so excited about the GOODNESS OF GOD!

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