Friday, June 24, 2011

What is for you is for you and what is for me is for me

I grew up believing your word is your bond. However, since moving to the south. I have learned that a verbal agreement is much like 40 acres and a mule. My mom use to say "a promise is only a comfort to a fool." She would also say "The heart is willing baby but the flesh is weak."

Therefore, forgive me if I expect everything you offer me to be in writing. I have learned that people will offer you whatever sounds good to get what they want but by the end they will have butchered and altered the agreement to fit only their own self gain if you allow it. We were recently offered a dream oportunity, yet when asked to put it in writing the individual could not comply. I was already not at peace. So the reluctance to write the terms only served as a red flag. I sought Godly counsel which confirmed my thoughts.

You see we have been given a vision and each time we share that vision other people try to make it their own and try to run with it. However, each time they have been faced with failure down the road. I believe my error is in believing the vision is so much bigger than me. Their error is in trying to use God's blueprint for us as their own. There is simply too much opportunity and ideas to steal someone' else's business plan or to even steal their thoughts word for word. "You are a designer's original." God truly did not make any counterfeits. Be blessed and be who "God designed you to be."

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