Thursday, June 9, 2011

Congratulations My Beautiful Taylor! You graduated this day Victoriously!

Wow today was victorious in so many ways. My daughter who was once under attack in some ways at this location came out totally on top. You see God always turns around what the enemy means for evil for our good. I am grateful to my husband who said let her finish her school year where she is. I was totally in disagreement for I strongly believe children need christian enrichment and a strong education to excel best in a like minded environment.

However, sometimes it is important to stay the course and let God show up and show out! Taylor graduated receiving 8 certificates, 2 medals and 1 trophy. Most importantly she received the President's Award (medal), the Math (medal) and a Reading trophy. Her success was so significant because although there were some in position who didn't want to see her triumph, she triumphed despite what was attempted because of what was on the inside of her. You see it is the greater one who saw to her success.

As I listened to one administrator with a resentful tone about being the reason for their success ...I just thought God is the reason for every breath we take and for every success. So I congratulate my daughter this day for her hard work and determination, but I give God the absolute Glory for her success and for what He has put on the inside of her manifesting so strongly. I thank God she was blessed with teachers and some wonderful administrators put into position to be guided by the creator. I just have to rejoice that God made this day possible and blessed with willing vessels who contributed to their success.

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