Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is your word not your bond?

I am going to go a little more in detail about some things I have experienced. I was involved in a deal in 2007 here in Charlotte that "a woman of God" agreed to through a religous organization. In the agreement I agreed to pay $550.00 per month. During this term the first month the woman came back to me and said. Well since you were blessed you should bless me and pay $550.00 for the first two weeks. Of course my response was no. For I did not understand why she felt entitled to the blessing God gave my family.

Next, this woman came back and said it is going to cost me more to provide you this service. So I said okay just provide me the receipts. Not once did she come back with the receipts, yet she expected me to pay her more. My husband said "no, she agreed to a flat fee and there should be no adjustments." As a result this woman was upset with my husband and did not want to speak to him further about the agreement for being firm, then she became upset with me because she did not get more money.

However, growing up if we agreed to something we honored it even if we took a loss. My Mom taught us it was our word that we had given and the other party should not be penalized. Therefore, my husband was correct. However, I went one step further and asked that she simply provide the receipt but she never did. So why should she feel I owe her anything after she was paid as agreed and failed to provide the receipts or even a figure? I have tried to get past it and treat her with love but she continues to have an attitude like I really owe her. I asked for the receipts and she seems to think I shouldn't ask for them. I have simply moved on but has she?

I write this for my children so that they will one day understand their parents experiences and learn from our story. My hope is that they will use my writings to their benefit one day.

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