Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So much Gratitude for a Successful School Year!!!

I am excited for my children. I know how hard they worked this year and not one complaint that I turned off the cable all year. I said "I think I will turn it on" it was a few weeks early and my son replied "no, just leave it off's just a few days until finals." Some people don't need distractions and with a house full I know they are better off concentrating and controlling what they watch via Netflix. Although there were times we even had to disconnect the box and put the laptops away. The greatest part was I didn't have to worry about programming coming in that they did not choose. I know they may not always choose right but the chances are that much less that they will stumble across programs they would not normally watch.

This was about the achievement that took place this year. It was not all easy, I know some teachers hated to see me coming. If I can not get you by phone or email yes I will be right in the office seeking an answer. It is important to me that all children achieve which means it starts with me in my household. I don't go to the schools because it is a hobby I enjoy. I go because I know it is the key to their future success and I want to make sure all avenues have been reviewed to achieve success.

Therefore, I just want to take the time to say thank you to their teachers for all their hard work and dedication. I thank you to all faculty and administration that make it all possible and thank you to the children who try so hard to achieve! Congratulations Mikey for achieving your AR goals and honor roll every quarter you make Mommy's life easy. Thank you for Victor who improves and improves and will one day just like Mikey and Taylor excel at everything he puts his hand to.

Dad thanks for always picking up where I leave off and for your support! You work so hard to make up for so many things and I know I can be demanding but I know they can be brilliant and excel at all God has for them.

I am thanking God for his prayer warriors and for Walter's teachers who truly worked with him and encouraged him and he achieved straight b's in those classes! And last but not least my Justice you excel at everything and sometimes you get weary but you always bounce back. I am so very proud of your achievements in home school, your ability to fix the computers and save us tons of money and your travels to Atlanta to attend your acting workshop. You all keep me active and alert and I appreciate you all so much!

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