Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy 18th Anniversary My Love

Today we celebrate our 18th Anniversary and we are spending the day with our family. However, tonight it is with you my King. Our road has not been easy but I am so grateful that we chose to stay the course and raise our family as one unit. I never wanted my family exposed to "outside people or things" that can harm a family unit and we have been blessed to keep our family protected in that sense.

As we watch our son graduate next month and as we enjoyed his award ceremonies..... I could only smile to see the two of you in one anothers presence. I am grateful that you loved me enough to overlook my weaknesses and love me for who I am. Flaws and all you try to make me feel flawless at my lowest moments and for that I am eternally grateful.

We have our moments like any couple but we have been able to focus on what is important and wear many, many hats to fulfill our duties to our children and attempt to enjoy the life God has blessed us to have with each other. As we move forward, we move forward with new beginnings as the 8 represents just that! I love you dearly and I pray that God continues to bless our life together and you as the head of our home. Helping you to excel at everything you put your hands to. May the Blessings be so abundant that we can not contain it. "I Love You Dearly My Great King! My Great Man of God!" Blessings......

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