Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I can see your face and not know your heart

This has been a trying time, but God. I have faced a gesture of betrayal, flat tires, but I am rejoicing knowing "How Great is My God." I have truly had to say Devil it's you. No one has friendships for 2 decades only to have your trust betrayed. If there is one thing I have never wanted it was someone else's man. I truly take this very seriously, it may mean nothing to the world to respect marriage but it means everything to me. You see nothing good comes from evil.

My son recently told a male friend that he felt betrayed one of "their boys." "Man, you ain't right, until you straighten this don't even talk to me." My son is 14 years old and understands what's your is yours and what's for me is for me. I thought wow he is taking this so seriously. You just don't invade other people's lives with foolishness. I know people hurt people all the time and hurt people try to hurt other people. "I live" ...."what God has put together let no man put asunder" because if it becomes a stinch in God's nose it is definitely significant to me.

I do try my best to hold no grudge but some times I have to evaluate the types of people I may allow around my family. I love with an everlasting love especially friends and family but usually when I say's goodbye. So I am seeking prayer in the area of trusting others right now. I truly feel like CeCe Winans song "tired of the Devil messin' with me"....when I need to be Waging War.

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