Saturday, September 10, 2011

My heartfelt apology to any I have offended

My heart goes out to the various families that have been going through. It especially goes out to our church family as they grieve. My writing has been in an effort to serve as a testimony and to leave my family an account or record of what has occurred so that history will not necessarily repeat itself. As I look over circumstances, I realize I have grieved the hearts of some women and men of God and that has not been my intention. I write in love. I only hope that my writings will help us see what is causing people to stray away from their faith.

I never ever meant to cause anyone any harm, whether it be by an offense or by anything I have done. Know I love my sisters and brothers in Christ with an everlasting love. When I returned to Charlotte a prophecy came forth that there would be hurt and rejection but that the woman of God would be the one to welcome someone I love dearly into heaven. You see we know not who will be able to enter the kingdom. I only hope we try to love one another and pray for one another like only Christ would. As I work on having more compassion and strengthening my love walk, I only pray we all take an account and continue to grow in love.

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