Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sandusky..monsters only exist because we let them

My silence has been peaceful. However, in the current Sandusky scandal, I have decided to speak. I am irritated by everyone's shock. We live in a society governed by laws. We carried on during the Eddie Long trial and my response was until we change the laws and protect children we need to look deeper. We should know the fact that the homosexual agenda in this country is far deeper than the Long trial. The laws are manipulated so predators such as Sandusky (the elite and powerful) and other perverts can harm or rape children. It is historical and the homosexual agenda in this country is all a part of breaking down the value of a man or boy.

It is heart breaking and my heart goes out to the parents because we all know when some thing is wrong and we try to protect our children the best we can. I advised I removed my children from public school for various reasons but specifically from one location because they were being surrounded by perversion and what I saw as predators, it just was not worth learning a language to place them in that environment. Also being taught homosexuality just happens, everything we do is a decision. As we were taught as children, you only HAVE to stay the color you were born and die and everything else is a decision.

For a grown man to even shower with an 8 year old and admit it on television shows we have become a desensitized society. I only hope that like in other countries we realize that sometimes we have to be harsher as the Bible says if a member of the body causes an offense it is better to "remove it." In other countries they remove the part of the body that has committed the crime. It is time that in our law we make stronger consequences for harming children. Even prisoners seem to have better sense than our law makers.

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