Thursday, September 8, 2011

Come out from among them and be ye separate

Anyone who really knows me knows I have struggled with this scripture in the Bible. I have had trouble believing it means what it is used for. When I read about Jesus I read about a loving being who made the ultimate sacrifice for humanity. I have believed it is the one scripture the enemy tortures believers with. I have always thought if you can believe God for all the stuff in the world then why shouldn't we believe God that we can win souls? For that..... in my opinion is what is most important to the body of Christ.

It relieved me as I taught my sons about Matthew this week. I let them listen to the series from Oral Roberts and he confirmed my thoughts that we are never to be afraid to be among unbelievers. I always said how can you win someone to Christ if you don't truly love them. Well Oral Roberts said when we as the body of Christ think we can't be around unbelievers that is fear of someone else's failure. You basically saw someone fall to the ways of the world, they were trying to win someone to Christ and now you have become afraid to win people to Christ but isn't that our purpose? He said in summary .......the mere fact that you are helping them come out of what you went through should make you realize that you should not be afraid. Therefore, I will not be afraid to be among them, I will be concerned for where they will spend their eternity. I just want to strengthen my love walk more and more each day.

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