Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm fighting and believing to the end! Our miracles are here!

This week has been quite fun, yet challenging. Anything that could have come against me has. However, I have found that in the face of trauma there is always VICTORY! I have been advised family members have been hospitalized with cancer and other illnesses but I continue to know there is nothing too hard for my God. As I woke up this morning I could not walk on my foot. It was as if I was walking on knives. I heard something pop when I was receiving a foot massage and I overlooked it recently. However, as I realized I was in true pain I thought God I will continue to believe you. As I step out in faith knowing that God will meet every need.

As my children return to school to register, they faced classes being closed and I was upset that they were not on campus at 7:30 am to register. However, I trust that God will open doors no man can shut. I trust God to heal my foot so that I may keep it moving. Most of all I trust that God will meet every financial need for my children as well as the other mother's who have contacted me regarding scholarships. We trust you to do the miraculous Oh God!

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