Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thanks to My Mothers in Christ

To all the strong Mother's who have touched my life....

No drugs, no alcohol, no habits to soothe my pain.

It's your strength that inspires me to remain.

Your example, teaches me to remain no matter what the fight.

It has taught me to walk by faith not by sight.

My heart is to never hurt anyone and to endure what I must.

To live a life of peace and avoid all the fuss.

Never wanted baby Momma drama that is one reason I stayed.

Always wanted one love...... one marriage that is what I prayed.

It was the job loss that I wanted to evade.

The pain of it will one day fade.

Despite it all I love each and everyone of you for having the heart to love me.

Sending my hugs and love through this poetry which helps me be free.

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