Monday, June 6, 2011

Lord, why does the division bother me so here in the south?

I had to truly ask God why everything must be black and white? I can't go to church or schools without seeing the lines so clearly. So I cried out to God because I know this is not what he intended. His response was "it bothers you because it bothers me." He said "there is no black and white in heaven." Then I went to church on Sunday and our Pastor was preaching on the same thing.

On Saturday, my husband was asked why we chose a certain school for my daughter? Well it's because I want her to know the shell of a man is just that a shell. I found the school had people filled with the love of God on the inside and that is what I want her to know. She knows what it is to be around all people but lately it's just one or the other. Somehow, we will have to leave one side and join the other to become the One Body in Christ God intended us to be. So let it start with me.

As I was listening to the hurt on the insides of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Saturday...I thought oh everyone loves the good of the message but the elephant in the room everyone ignores. Let's only listen to Dr. King in February, and let's listen to Jesus only on Sunday. It will all have to change!

I can't give my children everything, but I can oversee that they come into contact with people filled up with God's love on their insides. I want them to know black, white, purple and pink. I want them to know it is God's love that will stand the test of time. I hope people hear this message and realize that you have to know that God is waiting to invite you in to his "colorless heaven" and we all have to clean up this mess. Realize there will be no black or white when you get to heaven!!!!

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