Sunday, October 2, 2011

Demias Jimerson triggers the “Madre Hill” rule

The parents of 6th grader Demias Jimerson have obviously raised a warrior for God. I am amazed and standing in total admiration of his response which is "God first, grades second." It is more than crystal clear as the anchor stated "that this young man has his priorities in order." He is obviously being removed from the game because he has dispelled the myth of who should be superior. He is showing there are no limits in Christ and color truly does not matter.

He so kindly let them know football is just one of my many talents and you have not seen anything yet. He identified God as his priority, so they can take this school year but with God on his side his accomplishments are yet to be seen. I would love to see his report card and his parents should definitely write a book on parenting, his village is definitely at work and the fruits of their labor are evident.

Take a look at the official news report from Fox 16 News below:

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