Monday, January 26, 2015

Thank you for my time!

Sometimes we can get so caught up believing we want certain things. Yet, I find nothing more valuable than time. I so appreciate the time I have had to be with my husband and raise my family. I have learned that there is nothing more valuable than our time together. I went to see my great niece yesterday and she is so precious and as I held her I just saw how time had passed us all by. It did not seem like it was so long ago that I held my 21 year old like that.

I truly appreciate my husband being the man of God that he is. I truly appreciate the last 7 years that he blessed me and opened up my time. I can acquire house after house and car after car. However, there is nothing like the times he has just held me night after night. There is nothing like the time I have had to pour into my family and the time I have spent building lasting memories. I can't go back to those moments but oh how I cherish the times we have shared.

So when I get a text or a call from my college student, I can not help but smile. However, there is nothing like this past Christmas where they were all at home again and I could enjoy seeing the fruit of our labor. It was not about the presents it was truly about their presence in our home. I certainly did not run around getting in debt this year, I bought what they needed and nothing more, I reminded them it is Jesus' birthday not ours. May you all remember to spend time with those you love. Remember that you may see people basking in wealth and wealth is good but that is not what makes me happy. I have learned that chasing after wealth is not as important as chasing after those you love. Remember to love on your family and give them your time and your love. Thank you God for opening up my time once again.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I want to Bless them Lord! Response: Wait!

The Lord brought it my rememberance that I was hasty not too long ago. I advised someone I wanted them to handle some printing for our business because I like to keep it in the family. I advised them I would let them know. However, after that I just couldn't seem to get to them. I would see them and feel so bad because I felt like I told them God. But God kept saying wait and I will show you things. I began to see a spirit that was not right. I share this not to get you spooked but to say that sometimes our heart has to be right.

I also realized that means I have had some things held up because my heart was not right. So my prayer daily is God create in me a pure heart and a renewed mind.  Sometimes we miss our blessing not because God does not have a desire to Bless us but because we walk around in pride or with a haughty spirit. We walk around thinking man owes us something. We truly have to ask God to forgive us and ask God to create in us a pure heart and a renewed mind. We have to remember what team we are on and know that if our behavior is not pleasing to God we will not receive. We have to keep it clean and then things will begin to flow more freely.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Why it is so important for me to be in the right church...because I know how transformational love can be

I grew up loved and I knew if my Mom had died when I was a child I was going to be okay at one point. She made it her business to surround us with love. I knew it was not about money. Money means nothing to me other than how I can be a blessing to others. The Elders of our church wanted to see to it that we knew Christ that we enjoyed our youth.

I suppose that is why I am so hard on the body of Christ. I saw selfless people who truly loved the Lord. Church was not just a business to them, it was a place where you could leave the world and know they love me just as I am but that they wanted me to be better. I want that so badly for my children. I want them to know when their parents leave this earth they will be surrounded by God's love. They will have people who will have their best interest at heart, that the Christ in them will be so powerful that our departure won't sting so much. I see that in our Pastor and that makes it a little easier to know they have a faithful servant of God leading them.

I am concerned for my oldest sons who have seen so much unhealthy things that they may go to church but they are no longer committed. I apologize to them for turning away because I take full responsibility that they saw me waver and know that I am concerned about where they will grow and learn about Christ. I bare that burden but I want nothing more than to see them serve God with their whole heart. I want nothing more than for them to be a living witness for God. I pray that one day when I have gone on to be with the Lord they will read my prayers and know that I am so sorry for where I fell short but I only wanted what was best for them.I wanted that transformational love of Christ to surround them.

Why is it so hard without her...

Life has been quite an up and down experience since my mother died. I find myself saying why is it so hard without her? She was the person that pushed me to remain stable. She never allowed me to quit. No matter what it was she believed that if you just endured to the end you would win.

As I work with major corporations on the most cost effective solution for their businesses I realize why she fought so hard to teach us that things done in halves are never done right. I listen to people who aren't smarter than a brick become successful, people who can't even speak the language running million dollar companies. It isn't that they are smarter than you they have learned the principle of endurance. They have learned to finish. They are disciplined which makes them wise.

I was looking back on our life and we were so close to major success when my mother died, we had 3 units and were moving to a new location with our furniture store but everything just seemed to go wrong. I was checking out a friend who was in a similar business and she was pulling $10,000 a month but the same with her everything seemed to just go wrong. The problem was we folded. We didn't see it through.

Even in college when people kept saying I don't know how you do it after I got married and had my sons. I had Mom's constant reminder that I had to finish. I knew no matter what was to come as Mom said "Your education is the one thing they can not take from you. I knew she always said "things done in halves are never done right." Therefore, I knew I simply had to finish. So it is with our current business it has been a journey because it is seasonal which means we have to be like the ants and prepare for winter. We have to be wise as God increases our territory but we must endure and see it through.

I see it as such a blessing though because we have winter to work on our other talents we have November through March to work on my husbands talent as an Artist and my talent as a Writer. What is most fulfilling is that we have recognized our gifts,  now it is time to simply reinforce and perfect our niche.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Born to win, I spent the first half of my life around doers!

I have spent half my life trying to help others and I don't know if that was wise anymore. I spent the first half of my life watching my mother work her life away taking care of everyone else and so I promised myself that I would not enable others and that I would not hurt another generation. I made it my business not to live check to check and get caught in the rat race because I see it as modern day slavery. However, every now and then I get weary and slip back into the day to day process.

I found myself there recently. I wanted to be strong for my family but sometimes you just have to face the facts that you are hurting more than you are helping. So once again I find myself looking for the solution that will make everyone's life better. I find myself thinking of my sister who has worked her life away just as my mother had and I just wish I could hurry this thing along and make sure she can enjoy this life God blessed her to have. I have to be an example to my daughter as well.

I don't want to spend my life check to check or borrowing and not living the true "American Dream". I found myself working for a company with a reputable name promising all these financial incentives that never materialized. I thought wow I can see how many hundreds of thousands of dollars and even million dollar accounts I have closed the sale on for your company and you can't part with the few hundred dollars you have promised your employees. I say that to say I never want to be so greedy I can't share my wealth. I never want to get so greedy I can watch employees earn huge wins for my company and refuse to compensate them for their energy.

In marriage and family it is the same if you have people working hard to bring your dream to fruition you should feel joy in compensating them. I have learned first hand the importance of rewarding my sons for their hard work and efforts before I reward anyone else but I feel totally obligated to handle any promises I make to other employees as well. I have vowed to work towards building a legacy for my children's, children because I never want to see them in lack again. I also don't want to see anyone connected to me in lack ever again.Therefore, I decree I will be finishing first this time around!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Momma said "You came into this world alone and you will leave it alone" now fly like the Eagle God created you to Be!

Being alone was never something I struggled with. At an early age my Momma taught us that "not everybody is going to like you and that is okay." I grew up facing a lot of envy and developed a thick skin. I have to constantly ask God to create in me a pure heart and a renewed mind. I know I have things I have to deal with. However, I will not spend my days chasing after people and worrying about why they are holding a grudge or why they are mad that God said "My family will be blessed". I trust that God knows just what he is doing.

I have found that in our culture in particular we can not depend on man for support when God sends a public decree on your life if it comes wonderful but if it doesn't I am just fine flying like an Eagle and quietly taking those with me who want to go. I prayed for some things that I didn't need in 2014. I was specific about working in a call center environment, because I allowed someone to whisper in my ear how we need traditional means.  I had lost faith that God was going to handle my situation in a supernatural way. He handled my situation nonetheless and he granted my request.  He still took excellent care of me but he let me know I had leaned to my own understanding and slightly messed things up. However, I am eternally grateful for revelation and for understanding. He was my Strong Tower, I ran in and he took care of my needs. If He used you as a vessel I promise you He will always repay that debt.

I am going into 2015 with a pure heart and a renewed mind and I am not willing to let anyone bring their mess into my life. I love you all and I wish you much success but I am letting go of some people and nonsense and I am moving forward in the things God promised me long ago. Please don't feel like you are the reason for my Blessing because like Pastor said Sunday the man of God said "I want nothing from you, it is God and God only that has blessed me." I am not listening to the haters spewing hatred about how God is going to hold anything up, because that's not what He promised. "He promised me my latter would be better than my beginning, he promised me that my children's children would be Blessed." I stand on that word. I trust God will do exactly what his word said. I will repent and jump over that hurdle.

I therefore, stand before you in love declaring that my publishing company will open in 2015 and I will do the work of the Lord. I stopped writing for others because certain organizations attempted to change the clause that I would have the full rights to my writing and when I began writing the promise was that my royalties would even go on to my heirs. I then began to write and it seemed like the editors were going to change what I wrote more than what I wanted because that is what editors do but when I write my intent is to write in love and for God. I know that I have allowed fear to hold me back for sometime now. I have allowed disappointment to reign.

However, in 2015 I declare and decree that nothing will hold me back from walking in what God has ordained. I was blessed with the gift of discernment and so if you see me staying out of your way it's because I see both of your faces and I am giving you time to deal with that other face. I can't cater to your desire to have everyone flock at your feet and unfortunately that is not my gift. I have never been good in kissing up to get where I have to go. God has always made a way for my light to shine, nonetheless in other ways; that is why management never appealed to me no matter how much it is offered.  I find myself not wanting to position myself to be in a position of compromising my beliefs to suit a company or an entity. I would much rather live my life being able to stand up for people and for myself. I don't always go about it in the best way but know I am a work in progress and praying daily that God will work it all out.

Be Blessed because I really do have nothing but love for even my haters and those with two faces. I am praying daily that God will help you as I am praying that he will show I wish you all much love and success in 2015. Even if I have to fly solo, I will serve God with all my heart and fly alone. I will accomplish that which God promised me from long ago.I am grateful for a truly discerning Pastor as well and everything he has said he could have only received it from God for it confirmed everything God has said in the past, that is why I know His will, will surely be done, I now have a confidence that I can carry this out with the help of the Almighty God.