Monday, January 31, 2011

Follow your insides!

My daughter had her first experience with a sleep over. I got home after working a long day, feeling pretty bad physically, only to learn the birthday party she was attending was a sleep over. My first instinct was to pick her up at 8 pm. However, I knew she would be crushed since it had already been agreed upon. I found myself discontent most of the evening and thought you are just being overprotective again. My rule is not to allow them to do sleep overs unless I feel in total agreement with the parents and that is very rare that I even consider it. However, the mother of this child is very sweet and so we have bent this rule.

However, this young lady is someone my daughter has grown very close to. It breaks her heart when we say she can not visit or sleepover and so my husband has a soft spot for my daughter. Nonetheless, my first reaction was correct a house full of girls we don't know way! So my daughter now understands. It was a night doing things she is not accustomed to and therefore, she did not participate. She could not watch scary movies or play scary games and she fell asleep the earliest which made her the one who got cupcake smooshed in her face.

When my daughter arrived I said that is not the sweet girl that left here. I could sense in my spirit shame. When I asked her what had happened fearing she could not go again she said "oh nothing". However, my spirit could not accept that answer. So as we questioned her we learned she was the quiet one and therefore the one chosen to be the target. The dog was left behind as the girls walked and she was not only blamed but apparently they decided to gang up on her.

Lord knows they are blessed my child is being raised by the christian me. I immediately thought of what my son said "Mom you have been around sheep so long you are bahing when you should be roaring, I thought boy has the south changed me. My cousin recently said "whooo they don't know the real Neicy do they"? "I thought no they don't know the old wo(man)."

I thought am I cheating my daughter and the answer is yes in some ways. However, I know soon the lioness in her will arise. I know we must be kind as Christians and I tell my children this daily but there is a thin line between kindness and handling your business. Therefore, my prayer is that God will help me to teach her the difference and that he fills her with wisdom so that she may know the difference. And of course that is likely the last sleepover at someone elses home. Keep us in prayer saints!

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