Sunday, January 9, 2011

Healing is right now, God is a right now God!

I was recently asked to share my experiences as a parent. I was hesitant, however, as I began to observe I began to realize I have truly been there and need to share. As a mother of five, there were times when God was doing some amazing things in my life. As soon as I could see the light, my children would get sick, for some reason it would hit one after the other until I heard a sermon about being tired of being sick and tired. The sermon taught on how we have the authority to stop sickness as soon as it enters. We have to get to a place of zero tolerance.

Therefore, I began to meditate on that thing. The next time a child became ill in my home, I did as instructed. I began to talk to the problem. I told sickness it could not remain, I let it know it was trespassing and that there are no vacancies. I advised it had no place in my home and it must go and that was the last time sickness struck each of my children. It attempts but it departs as soon as it enters. I trust God with their health for I know he is a healer.

I specifically call on God to remind him that his word can not come back void and according to Isaiah 53:5 by his stripes they are already healed. I remind God that we are in covenant and therefore his children must be healed. I warn Satan to leave and take his illness with him.

You see it is what is unseen that does the damage. We have to recognize that the spirit realm is where it begins, but you have the ability to cause illness to depart immediately. As Justice my son once reminded me "God didn't say we have to wait", he said "healing is right now!"

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