Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our children can see the Hero on the Inside of us

As I pondered the reason I share my soul. It is to make sure I share all my errors and my triumphs in a way that the next generation can understand. You see we see the glory but we usually don't know the story behind someone's success or failure. I hope that my children and others will learn from my errors and learn from my experiences what to do and not to do.

However, most importantly I want my children and family to know how much I value them and cherish every little word and all the love.

Last night, I shared that as I put my daughter to bed she turned to me and said "You are the best Mamacita ever" and my heart just melted. Those are the moments that are priceless. So I pondered on the first essay she wrote in school for me.

It read:

My Mom is my hero because she brings me food so I won't starve.
She buys us a house so we have shelter.
She works hard so she has money to give us.
She gives us new clothes, so our others won't get dingy.
She makes me feel loved.
When ever I am mad, she helps me calm down.

Taylor R.

Whenever I have any sadness I look at this beautiful picture and read the words from my daughters heart and know being Mom is the Best Job I will ever have!

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