Thursday, January 20, 2011

Would I have done it differently?

The question has been posed....Would I have done it differently? Of course I would. I simply was not ready. Nearly every young mother wishes she had waited. Marriage for me is a one time journey. In my original plan, I knew enough to know I could not be distracted so my plan was to graduate from law school, then get married.

Therefore, my decision to prematurely engage in adult activity forced me to become an adult. You have to understand I was set in college we had everything luxurious and I was doing what I love. I have always loved learning, Mom thought I would stay in college forever and get degree after degree. I believe young ladies should wait until they are ready for marriage. Marriage is the most difficult institution I have encountered.

You truly have to be ready to make someone else happy and find a happy medium and balance for both of you. I had a strong moral desire to honor God and not continue in my sin. Therefore, marriage was the only choice I felt I had. I tried to fix what I did wrong and you can not fix one wrong decision by prematurely jumping into another.

I have no regrets about having a wonderful family. I just believe preparation is the key. I was not prepared for the most important decision of my life. So when my sons ask can they date,......I ask are you really ready? Can you handle what comes with a relationship morally, spiritually, and financially? Are you ready for the consequences and the possibilities? I am not willing to let them practice without preparation. They are being prepared to effect someone elses life and they have to be ready to make serious short term and long term decisions. Let's just say the princess is golden and her mate will truly have to be able to truly take care of her all the days of her life. Especially during her child rearing days. Let's just say her father and I believe in arranged marriages to some degree.

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