Thursday, February 3, 2011

A young man of honor, because wisdom outweighs them all!

Recently my son had his outing amongst "friends". They decided to hang out at the mall. During this time my son was approached by someone from facebook. The young man had 10 other guys wth him. Apparently my son has connected with many of his friends around the states and has a pretty good number of friends. This young man was apparently annoyed by my son, but my son had no idea who he was.

He told my son he wanted to fight him. My son replied "I don't think so." He said "there are 10 of you and 3 of us." He said "he's thinking who are you?" Nevertheless, he said "'I'm not going to put myself or my friends at risk with those odds and for what?" He told the guy "it's not going to happen and walked away." As the saying goes those who walk away..... live to see another day!

I was very honored that my son had enough sense not to belittle himself or his friends by acting like a raggamuffin in the mall. Society teaches them fighting makes them a man. We teach them to use their mind not their fists and I am grateful he had the wisdom to know the difference.

He could have fought this young man and chances are he and his boys still would have won. However, what was the reward? I am not raising young men to be strong in the hood. I am interested in raising leaders who will be strong in their community.

He said shortly thereafter a young man he would have never expected to spread rumors told everyone he walked away and therefore lost and even altered the story. I said "no you won, you chose to control the situation and not let the situation control you." I reminded him to simply count it all joy! There is nothing under the sun that God does not see.

I am excited this day because I am rejoicing because what I hear my son say often is that "when I get married my wife will never have to work and she will have a maid." I am excited that he has a heart to love and honor his future wife, family and his friends and that he is honorable enough to discern at an early age. So this day I rejoice and give God the absolute glory that my son is walking in honor.

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