Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dr. King's memory will be honored despite CMS' stand to not respect Dr. King's memory!

It does not matter what the school system chooses to do. Dr. King will be honored on Monday, it is our choice to stand by idly or have our children respect this day set aside for Dr. King. You see slavery failed, Jim Crow failed and the school systems "school to prison" is going to fail. We must take time to remember and respect the people who died for us. We must not become complacent and ignore the act to ignore the legacy.

People are acting surprised that Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools are actually ignoring a day to honor Dr. King. It is no surprise, have they honored your children by closing EE Waddell or the attempts to close the libraries or schools in our neighborhoods. This should come as no surprise but it should motivate us to spend this time working on the changes we still need for our children and their futures.

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