Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Young ladies, keep it sacred!

I truly tried hard to maintain my innocence, but I am forever grateful to God for the people who helped me keep it sacred. My first boyfriend ever was in 8th grade I was absolutely "infatuated" with "Indian". He was the first guy who loved me enough not to steal my innocence. I definitely would have probably given in because "I was young and in love." It would have been the greatest error and I am forever grateful for those who were praying for me. I know it was God that truly kept me.

However, the first thing he asked was why are you saving yourself. After we talked he left and he turned into my protector. We both knew I just was not ready and he would tell guys she's no longer my girl but she is a super star and you can not have her. He would say one day she will be on CNN and he would literally chase guys away who flirted with me and he kept me.

Later, I would stay to myself for sometime and then I dated but Mom would always laugh when I said I had a boyfriend because she would say you have no idea what a boyfriend is. She was right, "my motto was I keep my mouth going and my legs crossed" and "boys and books simply don't mix," besides I was not doing what other girls were. I was content with going to the movies in which Mom chaperoned by dropping us off and picking us up. It was very innocent and I was very blessed that the guys I dated were usually gentlemen.

What stood out most in my mind was a guy that tried really hard to get me in bed when I was visiting a friend. He was very attractive and was obviously used to getting his way. However, his comment was the badge of honor I carried in life. He told me that I would keep holding out until no one wanted me etc. I just laughed and said good. He finally ended with but really you're the girl I will be back to marry because I want my daughter to be just like you.

I share this to help young ladies realize a boy or man will take what he can get but even the worst ones still want the woman who holds on to her virtue. In the many years I have been married the men have all been the same. They have flattered me with compliments but the key is to keep yourself out of compromising positions. I have been offered careers that paid $150.00 an hour to promises of how they would see to it that I would have the world. They continued to flatter me with "a woman as bad as you can not have five kids" etc but the key is staying true to God and to yourself. (Princess, you are not for sale).

I tell my children all the time. A man or woman will always choose the one that has been preserved the most. Even today my husband always tells my daughter be like your Mom was. Therefore, keep yourself because every relationship will effect you either emotionally or physically. Be wise concerning your body for you only get one and it is okay to save yourself for that special someone who you will spend the rest of your life with.

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