Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tidbits from Mom and a testimony

Just a tidbit from my mother and gratitude for both my mother and my Godmother. Mom would always say shop January and August for the best deals up north. I have found January and July in the south. My kitchen is red so after christmas is the perfect time to shop for housewares.

I am blessed with a Godmom who tends to say this money is for you to buy all you need for the kids and you and is not to be used for bills. :-) So when she sends it I do just that. I found great deals on bakeware for my daughter .25 cents each, they are red but nothing really showing the holiday. I buy all the clearance on school supplies which you can find at Wal Mart for 5 cents to 10 cents right now.

Last but not least I pray! I always share that when I was first graduating college and truly budgeting God would always bless me to stay within budget. I once said "Lord I want to bake my children cakes" and as I walked in the store the clerk was marking down items and sure enough it was my favorite cakes marked to .25 cents each. Needless to say so my cabinets were stacked and God never fails. So as little as cakes to meeting Special Ed my childhood dream to my dream home. He has always blessed me with the desires of my heart. Although I have had to rebuild my life I am excited that my latter is so much greater.

I know God always takes excellent care of me. This christmas was no different as I shared payments were not received for my writing but God blessed me with a small settlement to get a laptop the day after christmas. I truly needed one and it was on sale for the after christmas blowout for $199.00 brand new and it came right on time as I needed it to be small to continue writing my blog and work. I tend to say I can wait, because with 5 children there is always a want or need but their wants were met and my need was definitely met by God. My husband also bought me a new GPS for Christmas since a sense of direction has not been my strong point in life along with beautiful roses and candy.

So keep praying, keep seeking and keep receiving the blessings!

Last but not least God also blessed me with the connection I need to get e-readers to the Victor Foundation it is coming together Saints! There really is "Nobody Greater than God!"

In Christ!


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