Saturday, January 8, 2011

God is amazing!

2010 was trying for my faith because I love people and although I respect my "secular" friends (as they choose to call themselves) and their interests. A few have had a hard time respecting mine. Yes it is all about Jesus for me. I only want to write about the good He does. I have chosen to devote my testimony to what God has done. You have a right to devote your time to what you have done and what man has done. But please don't come at me the wrong way and believe because I will forgive I will not get upset. I have moments like anyone else. Living for Christ does not mean I will accept the mess.

However, I will commend my friends who are not just calling to seek an ear to hear their problems. I have friends who actually know when I need alone time or know when I too need a listening ear. I have friends who have respected my alone time with God and for that I say thank you! God further confirmed my need to be alone when the phone just broke as it began to ring this week, please know strange things happen for a reason.

I can remember taking a second job at night as an Asst. Manager at a theatre some years ago because of the hours and it allowed my children time at my job and fun for all of us. However, there was a homeless guy and the ushers would try to calm him down and he would just disturb the people. So they would call me and I would pray and as I walked in he would just leave. The ushers were always amazed and I would just smile and say nothing. I knew God was with me when I entered and he knew he could not remain. You see Gods light can not be overshadowed by any darkness. Some people are getting uncomfortable with my silence but we all need time alone.

Thank you for allowing me time to refresh and to renew my alone time with the father. It has truly been an amazing journey. I am simply enjoying hearing the refreshing words of my father, reminding me that he loves me, that he adores little me, that he wants so much more for me. There is nothing more important to me than pleasing my father, for I always want to be the apple of his eye. There is nothing like it! Just know that the father we serve is truly amazing and it is refreshing to spend time alone with Him and only Him.

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