Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grateful for Christian Lite

God has just been even more amazing these past few weeks. I no longer hear people saying you have an A type personality so you need to treat others differently........ I have been blessed to hear compassion and the love of God from people in the Body of Christ and for that I am truly grateful. You see we can not change the heart of man, we are but mere vessels that can water and plant. It is nice to see the body imitating Christ in an even greater way. You see God can change the heart of any man or woman if we just trust him. We are a team and we must love people to Christ.

I heard Joel Osteen say be a dream releaser and it has stuck in my mind all week long. I want to always help others release their potential and be used by God for his glory, so thanks to the body of Christ for Christian lite........ it's nice to be imitators of the greatest of all time.

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