Friday, April 8, 2011

So Inspired! A Woman of God using her influence to change lives!

I have been so inspired by Joel Osteen's message about becoming Dream Releaser's and after listening to Tyrese's online press release. I have decided to dedicate my Blog writing to highlighting the good works of Dream Releaser's who have a sincerity of heart. I look forward to giving you more information on a Dream Releaser who is hot!

She is definitely using her sphere of influence to releasing the dreams of others. Not only is she a woman, she is a woman of God opening doors for others in a miraculous way. So keep your eye's open and your ears alert as I follow the lives of people who don't need anything. For they have arrived at a place where they understand, "God has brought me to the place of more than enough." They truly want that for you too!

They have taken the time to realize "God did it for me." Should I not reach back and help someone else to see them fulfill their potential. It is an honor when God blesses you with favor and you have the heart to use your influences to help others succeed. So keep reading because the next article, well let's just say her testimony will be life changing.......

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