Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How Can I Be a Blessing Lord? It's the quality not the quantity...

Are we waking up wondering how can I be a blessing Lord? I have a testimony I am sharing to help you understand why I believe God whispered it's not the quantity it's the quality recently. I was reviewing the purpose of Facebook and why we race to add friends. I understand it's a great networking tool and I hope I have added people with purpose and passion with an outstanding love for people because that is my purpose. After hearing it's the quality not the quantity I am working to implement that in every area of my life.

I am truly working on my obedience. Recently I was in church and I had just been in such pain and the pain left as I was sitting in service. So when my pastors wife called us up for tooth pain, I was like Lord there are so many people in here. How do I know it is me? I don't want to err or be seen, I just want to sit here and listen. I was so miserable about this toothache I didn't even realize I was healed.

Sure enough my pastors wife said thank you to those of you who were obedient. It wasn't just that ....both my sons said Mom "that's you...go up." So I left feeling pretty convicted at that point but it helped me see how disobedient I had been. It wasn't about me and my comfort level. It was about being a testimony and I missed it.

Never the less the true testimony is in our obedience. I saw a little girl wearing a jacket that was tattered and worn and it was too small and I said Lord I have some things I can give her. I then thought actually as I had previously mentioned, I was working like the ant during the winter sales and I thought about the brand new items I purchased for my future children's store. I said my chance to be a blessing. So I said "she can have the new jacket."

I did not realize how special that jacket would become. That little girl wore that jacket everyday and just seemed to love it so much. You could not have handed me any amount of money that would take the place of her smile. Not only was she happy it touched me in such a special way because that is the reason I want a children's store. When I see a need I want to know I can meet it immediately. I never want to see a child do without. They did not ask to come into this world and it is our responsibility as the village to see to it that they not suffer.

I share this reluctantly because it was not about being seen. It was an intimate encounter for me. I share it because God has placed it on my heart repeatedly. Not only did he bless my heart with her big smile, a few days later a lady my husband met came to our house and said "you guys may not even need this but I know what it is to raise 5 children. She said "I was out shopping and hope that your children can use these items but if you can't please bless someone else." Not only did God bless me to be a blessing, he used that gift and blessed all of my children with one act of obedience. I could have given that child the clothes my daughter no longer wears (and that is okay too) but instead God laid it on my heart that I had something new for her.

In turn he blessed all of my children with more than enough. God had to lay that on the heart of a perfect stranger to go out and purchase clothes for my children. God simply is an amazing God, just know that when he places it on your heart to give. Give your best and it will definitely come back to you. It isn't always about the quantity it is the quality of your gift for he knows your heart.

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