Saturday, April 16, 2011

Great Honor and Much Respect to the African American male in America

I write this after raising 4 African American males and watching what my husband faces. As I watch him fight for the basic rights to participate in his childrens school activities where he is made to feel like he does not belong. To the way they are treated in society. It is amazing how resilient our men can be.
I must give honor to our men for hanging in there despite the odds, despite the job loss and the discrimination. They do raise their children to become men of honor that will some day be leaders of this nation. I often wonder why they seem to be a threat even when they have led clean lives and have worked so hard to maintain. It only leaves me astonished that the fact that they came from Great Kings both in the natural and spirit is the reason they pose such a threat to those in positions of power.
It will not matter that more African American males are in prison today than there were enslaved in the 1850's because the one thing I am certain of is that the time is near. God is saying your prisons will FAIL and you will "let his people go!"

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