Thursday, March 31, 2011

"How To Get Out of Your Own Way" by Tyrese Gibson

I am humbled that I was blessed to participate in the online press release for Tyrese Gibson today. He shared his experiences and explained why he wrote the book "How To Get Out of Your Own Way." I was impressed to hear him say that "God blessed him with favor and has made him a man of influence," so "who is he not to share his story if it can help someone else." He spoke of his possible audiences such as "the 12 year old girl...without a father" or reaching "the horrible parent who has raised horrible children because that is all they know."

He talked about what he has been blessed with but he said "at the end of the day what does it all mean?" A question many of us have or should have asked ourselves. That truly inspired me and gave me an even greater admiration. I loved how he said "some will not pick up the Bible, but they will pick up his book because they think he is sexy and then they will hear him talking about God and they will pick up their Bible and read it." I loved this because he was compassionate, sincere and caring about other people. He is a living testimony of how God can turn your life around and he wants others to taste and see the goodness of God.

It was clear his purpose is to motivate and inspire people to a better place. He encouraged us as writers and bloggers to use the stage of influence or our platform to share a daily word of inspiration. That was another indicator that he was even trying to encourage us at that very moment so we can share it with the world. There is enough negativity out there and I love the positive nature of his attitude towards life and others. He has more than enough and he does not need to make money so his heart is getting his message to a lost generation that needs a sense of direction.

I so admired how he gave God the glory when he said "God's favor has led me to these opportunities." Many people forget where they came from or what they went through but it is clear that Tyrese not only knows from whence he has come but he states it is "his responsibility to help someone else." Whatever you do..... get the book and take in the wisdom he shares about his experiences and the knowledge he has acquired during his life and his encounters with his mentors such as Will Smith and John Hope Bryant.

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