Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Momma! Sorry social security was another 40 acres and a mule myth!

It is the eve of both my moms birthdays. My mom died 6 years ago after working 2-3 jobs becoming plagued with diabetes, becoming legally blind, kidney problems and a heart attack and never receiving her social security benefits. I must say there has been nothing more difficult for me to deal with. Usually we put flowers on her grave but as I reflected........ whenever I sent her flowers on her birthday she would say don't waste the money. And as I reflected on what she thought of death she always said "be there when people are alive and need you not when it's too late." She said "that is why she did not see the point in flying to England when her Mom died." She said if everyone wanted to unite them...why not when she was alive?

So I will honor Momma by working on making this life better for her grandchildren and the generation to come. I have decided that I will not die working for a social security check and a retirement plan that will never manifest itself. No I will not believe in another 40 acres and a mule. Some how I know there is another plan for me.

Now I am preparing to call my Step Mom in the morning who also worked her entire life building up a social security system that has denied her benefits after 6 bouts with Cancer because she has had to work despite her illness. However, after her letter to the president, they have decided to approve but she was unaware of the unspoken rule that without an attorney you will be denied your back pay. So here she is being paid $1,000.00 by social security while cobra takes $800.00 each month since she is not eligible for Medicare. Imagine those seniors in this nation without family to try to bridge the gap. It breaks my heart to know I am not in a position to simply buy her a new car and pay off her mortgage and make life that much easier for her.

What really breaks my heart is we can send money to other nations, yet turn our backs on the sick and the elderly right here. The very people who have worked so hard and paid taxes their entire lives. There simply has to be a better way!

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